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What is SUTA?

SUTA tax rates and requirements vary by state

The State Unemployment Tax Act is a type of payroll tax

State unemployment insurance (also known as SUI or SUTA) is a program funded by payroll taxes and paid for by employers to give short-term benefits to workers who have lost their job due to no fault of their own.

States determine tax rates specific to your business

SUTA (or SUI) tax rates are set by each state, and vary depending on an employer's industry and time in operation. When you register for a SUTA tax account, the state will tell you what your business’s rate will be—and will continue to assign new rates as you gain more employer experience.

Offboard your SUI admin work

Members of Rippling PEO have access to several services related to state unemployment insurance (SUI) to help eliminate the headaches and guesswork involved with SUTA compliance.

Instantly create and register new state unemployment accounts on your behalf

Automatically update tax rate changes

Manage unemployment insurance benefits claims


SUTA compliance, simplified

Register state unemployment accounts

Rippling PEO makes it easy to register state unemployment tax (SUTA) accounts. Because our PEO co-employs, we already have state unemployment set up in all 50 states, saving you the hassle of registering SUTA accounts yourself.

Update SUI rates in payroll

With state unemployment, your rates change every year. Other providers require cumbersome manual processes to get these updated—like having to scan your tax notice and then submit a support ticket. With Rippling, it’s all automated.

Calculate, file, and pay SUI taxes

As part of our full-service Payroll, Rippling automatically calculates, files, and pays your SUI taxes, along with all your other taxes. We also enforce the SUI tax cap per employee, so you don’t need to worry about overpaying.

Get a better price for a better product

While other PEOs often charge an extra fee and rely on sending PDFs back and forth to set up a new SUTA account, Rippling does it all automatically using our modern software.

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