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Mar 18, 2024

Rippling is available for companies headquartered in Australia! As the first truly all-in-one workforce platform with built-in payroll, HRIS, IT, and more, Rippling offers access to over a dozen products that support your Australian and global employees.

The challenge in Australia today

Today, most businesses in Australia have a variety of disconnected systems. Your payroll system is separate from your HRIS or time system, which is separate from your IT system, forcing you to log into separate websites every time you run payroll or want to give employees application access. Since your payroll services aren’t connected to an HR system, you have to manually update any changes to your employees’ compensation data, personal data, or time data. And, if you want to hire an employee or bring on a contractor in another country, you may need to find an entirely different payroll or HR provider to do so, adding yet another system to manage. 

It’s rigid, error-prone, and incredibly slow—for both employers and employees. And if you’re the one managing it, it’s stressful, too.

Siloed systems also limit your reporting. Your workforce data is fragmented across multiple systems, so you can’t just run a report out of one system. Instead, you’re forced to manually piece together data to understand your own business. 

All of these limitations drag down the efficacy of employee data within Australian businesses.

With technology advancing in so many other fields, how have payroll and HR stayed untouched?

For starters, there is no true all-in-one system in Australia that covers HR, payroll, IT, Finance, and any other tools you need to manage your employees. You currently need to stitch together a variety of systems with limited and brittle integrations.

But there’s good news: something better has arrived. First, let’s talk about payroll. 

Introducing Australia’s first automated payroll system that runs itself

Rippling Payroll unifies everything that touches payroll, IT, superannuation, and leave. That means all of your employee data, like salary increases, hours, deductions, leave, and more automatically sync with payroll for a completely seamless experience. This eliminates the last-minute panic to double-check if pay slips are accurate before each pay run.

When it’s time to run payroll, you can review all of your payroll inputs in a matter of minutes, then click Run payroll. Rippling automatically manages your Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2, superannuation, and leave, for your workforce, all in a single system. We also calculate and file appropriate taxes and create journal entries into the general ledger.

Rippling supports the most common modern awards in both our Time & Attendance and Payroll products. We support overtime and penalty rates. We also auto-assign the standard modern award interpretation policies to your salaried, casual, and shift workers—helping you remain compliant. Additionally, you can configure rates and policies to meet your company’s needs

In other words, you just review and approve your pay runs, and Rippling runs it for you.

Everything you need to run a workforce in one place

In addition to payroll, we’ve natively built every application you need to run your workforce, making Rippling the first truly all-in-one workforce platform.

HRIS: Rippling HRIS is the source of truth for all of your employee data. By bringing all of your employee data together, you can manage and automate every step of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to transitions to offboarding. Employees can self-serve, too, from their computer or mobile app. You no longer need to punch in sensitive employee data during onboarding, update their bank account details when they change, or manage their leave requests and balances manually out of spreadsheets or separate systems.

IT: Rippling IT Cloud enables you to manage your employees’ identity, access, devices, data, security, and more in one unified system. Rippling’s natively built IT products are powered by the same source of truth as HR, so data stays in sync in real time without manual reconciliation. Leverage that data to automate IT tasks across the entire employee lifecycle, strengthen your company’s security posture, and implement compliance standards like SOC 2—in just a few clicks. And, with 500+ pre-built integrations in the Rippling app store, you can ensure employees always have the right access to the right tools at the right time, without investing developer resources. 

Reporting: When you manage your entire workforce in one system with Rippling, reporting becomes a breeze. You can report on every piece of employee data—salary, equity, expenses, survey results, app access, device security, recruitment, and thousands of other data points—in a single system. If you have global employees, Rippling even converts currencies inside of reports. No manual number-crunching.

Time tracking: Rippling Time & Attendance syncs seamlessly with Rippling Payroll, so you never have to track or enter hours outside of your HRIS.

Policy management: Rippling empowers you to design policies that can be applied company-wide or to groups of employees in specific locations. For example, you can design a custom leave policy that gives all employees their birthday off. 

Compliance: We’ve built compliance rules into every product throughout Rippling to help you protect your business. For example, we’ll alert you when an employee is below minimum wage or in a non-compliant leave policy. 

Expense reimbursements: Rippling lets you build reimbursement policies based on employee data. As a result, it can automatically approve, block, and flag expenses faster than other systems. You can also drill down into reimbursement requests directly in payroll. This lets you quickly answer the question of why somebody spent $500, without having to personally put them on the spot.

And, if you have a global team, you can use Rippling to manage them, too. Everything in Rippling—from onboarding and offboarding to compliance rules and policies—is automatically localised based on each employee’s location. That means you’ll never have to use siloed HR systems again.

With this launch, we’ve come one step closer to our goal of freeing smart people to work on hard problems. We can’t wait for Australian businesses like yours to experience the power of Rippling.

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