Rippling: All-in-one, all at once, all over the world


May 30, 2023

When global work exploded, companies needed a streamlined way to hire and pay people overseas. Instead, they got a deluge of amateurish vendors. They weren't building global HRIS and payroll software, they were splicing together plugins and third parties.

Until Rippling. Rippling brings together workforce systems that are normally scattered across a company, like payroll, expenses, benefits, and devices. Bottom line: Rippling is the first all-in-one workforce platform built for businesses operating around the world.

We had to get that message out there—here's how we did it.

We don’t make ads. We make statements.

We started brainstorming ideas for an integrated marketing campaign. 

For our billboards, we didn’t want to bury the lede with clever straplines or showy visuals. If the campaign was too high-concept, it would distract from the power of what we’re saying: Rippling is the one and only place to run your entire global workforce. HR, IT, and Finance.

Our breakthrough was a boxing poster. Bold typography, vibrant colors, and a jolt of competitive spirit.

Big. Bold. All caps. We weren’t making marketing. We were making a statement.

England to Australia in 60 seconds

We wanted our film to celebrate a few of the different countries where Rippling is used. The storytelling device that came to mind was doorways, but we needed to make it our own.

The film needed the same punchy energy as our billboards. It had to feel fast and seamless, like the product experience. But we needed to amp up the entertainment value to match the medium.

We handled the creative in-house but, when it came to production, one director stood out: Ehsan.

Ehsan is an artist, an activist, and a hustler. His work for Nike and the NFL is incredibly fast and furiously fun. Visual humor and pacy camerawork propel viewers through the story, ready or not.

To Ehsan, “one place” was a command center, an iPad in the hands of a carefree and confident head of HR. She would travel the globe with her iPad, elegantly ducking obstacles while running payroll, sending offer letters, and getting shit done—globally.

We landed on a graphic novel style where our head of HR character would nimbly step, leap, and glide between Boston, London, Sydney, and Berlin.

In 60 seconds, you see Rippling bring the working world together.

Everything about it reflects our mission and values. Global cast, global production team, global shoot, global everything—in one place.

last edited: April 17, 2024

The Author

Nick Wiesner

VP of Brand

Eager to transform an up-and-coming company in an industry ripe for creative disruption, Nick joined Rippling in 2019 with over 15 years of experience and built its brand from the ground up. Now, he leads an in-house team of 40 in activating a full-funnel strategy—including events, content, social, web design, corporate messaging, customer storytelling, paid media, and sponsorships.