Automated leave tracking: Managing your workforce when employees need to unplug


Apr 23, 2024

Leaves of absence can be paid or unpaid, compulsory or voluntary, and vary in length depending on a tangled web of different federal, state, and local requirements. Manually tracking it all in spreadsheets or over email back-and-forths drains time and exposes HR teams to errors. 

But with Rippling and Tilt’s integration, the once-daunting task of keeping up with different leave types across different jurisdictions becomes a fully automated cinch. Read on to learn how syncing HR and leave data helps you accurately track leave, plan ahead, and support employees when they take time off from work during watershed life events. 

Better workforce planning

When you integrate your HRIS with Leave of Absence (LOA) software, you gain access to a centralized hub to view all past, present, and upcoming leaves of absence across your workforce. The Rippling and Tilt integration lets you filter this data by employee, leave type, and duration, which helps teams keep track of absences and plan schedules accordingly. You can also incorporate leave statuses into reports and policies you set up through your HRIS. This kind of visibility ensures your workforce is adequately staffed year-round. 

More automations, better accuracy 

You don’t want an employee in a state with paid family leave laws to miss a payment they’re owed while taking time off to care for a loved one, for instance. And if you’re a company with 50 or more employees, you want to ensure your employees have the mandatory 12 weeks off for excused absences under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). 

When your leave processes are synced to your HR data, payroll automatically adjusts based on leave type, duration, and any applicable laws. Once you specify what kind of leave an employee is taking, payroll updates to reflect whether said leave is paid or unpaid and how long it runs for—ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local leave policies and minimizing the risk of errors. 

With Rippling and Tilt, you can even automate how much of an employee’s salary you’re administering during paid leave. If someone takes disability, for instance, payroll can automatically adjust to lower compensation by 60%, knowing insurance will cover the remainder. 

Increased employee well-being

Employees often take leaves of absence during major life events, like the birth or adoption of a child or the death of a beloved family member. A transparent LOA process ensures work isn’t adding to the stress of these often life-changing circumstances and enables employees to fully unplug.

Employees should be able to fully unplug during leave and focus on what matters. With the Rippling + Tilt integration, customized plans are easy to follow, keeping the employee experience stress-free.

Julia Lawton

Sr. HR Business Partner, G&A at Rippling

With Rippling and Tilt, employees can track their leave requests and don’t have to worry about following up with HR. They can rest assured knowing their pay will be uninterrupted where applicable and that they can access expert assistance when needed.

Such transparency also helps ensure managers are clued in where need be so employees on LOAs can stay focused on what matters. An automated reminder two weeks ahead of an employee’s leave, for instance, ensures managers know how to adjust workloads so the employee won’t have any job responsibilities once time off kicks in. 

High-visibility reporting

Leave tracking with Rippling and Tilt gives your organization the information needed to budget for temporary replacements or overtime costs during peaks in leave requests. These insights enhance your ability to minimize the impact that employee LOAs might otherwise have on your operations and budget. 

By providing detailed information on employee leave patterns, you can plan staffing levels to ensure teams are covered and mitigate the financial impact of employee absences. This proactive approach helps you stay efficient and within budget.

Get started with Rippling and Tilt

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