Introducing Rippling + Carta: The first way to manage employees’ salary and equity data in one place


Apr 26, 2022


Cory Pitt

For many employees, equity is as important, if not more, than their salary. It gives them a stake in their company’s future success, and encourages motivation and loyalty. Given its criticality, businesses that offer equity need to holistically plan for and manage all employee compensation, including salary and equity. 

Yet, there’s no easy way to manage total compensation today.

Businesses have their salary data stored in an HR / payroll system and their equity data stored in an equity management system, but no solid integration between two systems exists. This creates all sorts of inefficiencies and painful problems.

Here are just a few headaches your team is likely dealing with today:

  • Every time your managers need to know their direct reports' equity, they have to go to the CEO, COO, HR, Finance, or Legal to get the answer.
  • Whenever you hire or terminate an employee, you have to manually enter the same data in multiple places, in order to keep your HR and equity management systems up-to-date and in-sync.
  • In order to run reports that rely on employee compensation data, your HR and Finance teams have to export salary, equity, and other data from multiple systems, import them into Excel, and create pivot tables to run the analysis they need.

Introducing the Rippling + Carta integration

These are among the many reasons why we’re thrilled to announce Rippling’s integration with Carta, the single platform for businesses to manage all things equity—from founding to IPO. This new integration is the first of its kind, in that it gives businesses a 360-degree real-time view of employees’ total compensation.

View all your salary + equity data in one place

By combining equity data in Carta and salary data in Rippling, you’ll get an up-to-date view of your employees’ compensation—salary, equity, health insurance, 401(k), and more—instantly.  

Make it easy for employees to view their total compensation

The Rippling + Carta integration is the first way for employees to get a real-time view into the total value of their equity + salary. At any moment they can see how much their compensation is worth today and in the future as their equity vests.

Safely allow managers to view their team’s equity 

With Rippling’s role-based permissions, you can precisely configure who can view an employee's equity based on their department, role, level, and more. That way your managers no longer have to go to HR, Finance, or Legal every time they need to know how much equity one of their reports has. 

Automate your equity admin work with no-code workflow automation

With Rippling Workflow Automator, your team can build workflows using Carta data to help automate manual work — like a workflow to notify HR and managers (via Slack, Email, and more) whenever someone’s total comp drops below a specific threshold due to their equity vesting. This way you can increase an employee’s comp, if necessary, before they start exploring other opportunities. 

Offer competitive compensation packages 

With Carta Total Comp’s benchmarking tool, your team can pull in Rippling data to see an employee’s total compensation relative to the market, making it easy to quickly spot retention risks or create attractive packages to hire the best candidates.

Simplify complex reporting and planning 

Eliminate the need to download multiple spreadsheets from different systems and perform complex analysis for compensation planning. By integrating your Carta and Rippling data, the current compensation analysis is done for you, instantly.

You can also forget about manually tagging employees’ departments for stock-based comp reporting in Carta. Employee attributes automatically sync to Carta, ensuring your reporting is up-to-date and accurate. 

Ready to get started with Rippling + Carta?

With the Rippling + Carta integration, you’ll be able to radically simplify your administration work, run more effective reports, make it easier for your team to view their total compensation, and retain employees longer by offering competitive compensation packages that attract and retain top talent.

If you’re already using Rippling and Carta, you can install the Carta app here in minutes.

If you aren’t using either solution, you can learn more about Rippling and Carta.

last edited: April 26, 2023

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