Meet the Ripplers: Brooke, a true sales force

The Rippling TeamMay 5, 2022

Name: Brooke Golombeck
Role: Enterprise Account Executive 
Location: San Francisco 
Rippler since: 2019 

Role + Responsibilities 

As an Enterprise Account Executive, I sell Rippling to our largest, most strategic customers. From the first call to closing the deal, I own each step of the sales process. My role requires knowing the product inside and out, navigating the customer journey, and prescribing the best path forward based on the client’s needs.

This Rippler’s journey 

When I started at Rippling in November 2019, I couldn’t have imagined the magnitude of change ahead. New to San Francisco, I was ready to build my life in the city and a career at Rippling. 

Around 150 employees at the time, our small sales team met face-to-face in the office each day. Fast-forward to March, and I was learning a new product and navigating the organization alone in my studio apartment. Being a hands-on person, going fully remote had its challenges. But with the guidance of experienced leaders, I gained a new appreciation for our product and the customers we serve.

When the Enterprise Team formed in July 2021, we had to adapt to change in real-time. Entrusted to go after much larger companies, the team developed new processes, from pricing to negotiating terms. We found a way to chart new territory one day at a time. 

Among the many lessons I’ve learned at Rippling—roll with the punches. Change is par for the course whether you’re creating new processes or faced with a global pandemic. 

Selling to our largest customers has required me to become a product expert and learn how to navigate internal resources efficiently. I worked hand-in-hand with our CSM, implementation, and sales teams to develop new processes used by sales reps today. I also helped create a new pricing deck to sell multi-year contracts, and built implementation project plans to enhance the customer experience—creating new processes is the best part of being on this team. 

Memorable Rippling moments

My most memorable moment was selling the largest deal in company history with a new product that wasn’t even on our pricing sheet yet. 

We were trained on a new product launch that would be live by January 2022. There wasn’t a name for it, and Rippling had released only a small subset of features to sales. I quickly knew that this new feature would set Rippling apart from any other vendor in this space, and I was determined to learn it and sell it.

I’ll be honest, when I first pitched it, I was very upfront with the customer about not having all the details. They were very appreciative and accepted that this was something new. They saw the vision and eventually signed up for what's now called Unity

Work + Life 

Helping create a new segment to sell into and seeing those customers successfully use our platform makes me incredibly proud.

What I respect the most about Rippling is the flexibility. I can pick and choose what schedule works best for me—it allows me to manage my time better and more efficiently.

When I’m not selling Rippling… 

I’m very active. I love anything outside—tennis, hiking, cycling, snowboarding. I also love to travel. So you’ll constantly see me going to new places within the US and abroad. In the summer, you’ll find me traveling up the coast of California, beach hopping, and visiting my favorite sushi spots. 

Tips for future Ripplers 

Rippling is a gratifying place to work—you’ve got to be the type of person that wants to roll up your sleeves, work with others to figure out a solution, and bring passion to what we are building.

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