Meet the Ripplers: Simran’s story

The Rippling TeamApr 1, 2022

Name: Simran Dokania 
Role: Software Engineer in Payroll
Location: Chicago
Rippler since: 2018

Role + responsibilities 

I currently work as a software developer on the Payroll team. Earlier, I worked on the COBRA project on the Insurance team. I also worked on core insurance system design and architecture.

This Rippler’s journey 

So, I didn’t apply to Rippling. [Rippling Co-founder] Prasanna Sankar reached out to me on LinkedIn. I thought it was spam! Luckily my husband (then boyfriend) told me who Prasanna really was and, after two months of chasing, I finally agreed to an interview. And now here I am.

When I joined, I was immediately handed the responsibility of taking the COBRA product from 0 to 1. 

I was fortunate to get guidance from industry veterans who taught me how to develop a superior product. Through them, I adopted good software engineering practices and got rid of some bad ones. Today, I’m confident enough to take a leap and build an even larger and more complex product from the ground-up. 

I have a sense of accomplishment for what I have been able to build at this company, the processes that I have been able to take ownership of, and am a much more confident and informed engineer than I was when I started. 

As an undergrad, you often get the advice that if you want to learn a lot very quickly, you should join a startup. Today, I can confidently attest that this statement is a fact.

Memorable Rippling moments 

Work + Life 

Rippling has enabled me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They have given me the freedom to work remotely after my marriage which has allowed me to stay in the same city as my husband. Apart from the regularly scheduled meetings, I enjoy the flexibility to set my own schedule as long as I deliver my work on time, which allows me to pursue my hobbies during the weekdays as well.

Since I enjoy the liberty to schedule my own work hours, I am able to manage my day so that I can take early morning/late night zoom meetings on the other side of the world without burning out. 

Work at Rippling is challenging. I enjoy seeing myself grow; I enjoy looking back at my trajectory and seeing the knowledge I have accumulated. This makes taking on new challenges a rewarding experience and keeps me coming back for more. 

When I’m not building Rippling… 

I am a foodie! When I was living in Bangalore I had visited about 200+ restaurants and reviewed them on Zomato. It’s hard to find good vegetarian restaurants in Chicago so my reviewing is temporarily on hold—I am hoping to explore more and start blogging on Yelp. I also enjoy cooking new dishes with my husband

I also love photography and try to document my journey whenever I can. If I had an option to travel for a living, I’d quit my job [Editor’s note: Please don’t.]. I have been to ten different countries—India (of course) followed by Singapore, Italy, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, China, France, and Portugal. 

I love reading simple authentic books on someone’s life experiences. My all-time favorites are Sudha Murthy’s books, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, How to American by Jimmy O. Yang. I am currently reading Fate Is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann.

I watch at least two movies a week. I don’t usually watch tv shows because I lose control and end up binge-watching. And I love interior decorating and hope to do it one day as a side gig.

Tips for future Ripplers 

Rippling focuses more on quality rather than quantity. Remember to think thoroughly and build efficient, stable products.

Rippling is growing! We need engineers to help build the next generation of our Unified Workforce Platform. Join us.