Workflow Automator

Go beyond basic if/then workflow automation

Automate nearly any manual HR, IT or Finance process across multiple systems at once. No code required.


4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Automate any workforce task with custom logic

Custom Triggers

Rippling lets you build triggers based on your company’s unique employee data, so you can automate your one-of-a-kind workflows.

Powerful Actions

Automatically trigger emails, Slack messages, meeting invites, system updates, and so much more based on your custom triggers.


Trigger workflows based on any employee data in your company

Other workflow tools limit you to a narrow list of triggers, which limits what you can automate. Rippling gives you the freedom to build your own triggers based on any employee data within your company.

Internal data

Trigger workflows based on any employee attribute—department, device, you name it.

Third-party data

Trigger workflows based on data in your third-party apps, like Zendesk and Slack.

Formula fields

Trigger workflows based on Formula Fields; calculate and combine multiple pieces of data into one field with Excel-like formulas.

workflow actions

Trigger high-impact actions

Automatically add new hires to orientation sessions. Initiate a group DM on Slack when a security risk is detected. With Rippling Workflow automator, so much is possible.

Send Slacks

Deliver Emails

Assign Tasks

Create Meetings

Update Google Sheets

Webhooks & More


Spend more time on strategic work, and less time on busy work

Automate simple one-step tasks, like sending onboarding emails to new hires. Or go big and automate complex multi-step tasks with conditional, daisy-chained workflows.



If it’s in Rippling, you can automate it


Automate workflows across internal and external apps

With Workflow Automator, you can not only trigger actions across core HR, IT, and Finance systems—like your payroll, device, and expense management systems—but also third-party apps, like Slack and Zendesk. And because Rippling is the source of truth for all your employee data, it’s able to automatically trigger the right actions, to the right people, at the right time without you having to lift a finger.


Easily build complex workflows without any code

With Workflow Automator, anyone from an HR Director to CFO to IT manager can quickly build custom-tailored workflows to help automate their manual processes. All it take is a few clicks—no Javascript skills required.


Hit the ground running with hundreds of templates

Choose from hundreds of pre-built workflow templates and install one in seconds. You can use our templates out-of-the-box or tweak them to meet your exact needs.

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 1 or 1,000.