3 ways HR leaders are using Rippling to drive business outcomes


Nov 17, 2023

Caught in the crossfire between tight budgets and sky-high expectations, HR leaders are turning to technology to help them do more with less. Through powerful automation and robust reporting, Rippling enables HR leaders to be strategic business partners.

Four Hands addressed urgent resourcing gaps that were putting an entire department at risk

Headquartered in Austin with offices throughout Asia and Latin America, Four Hands is a rapidly growing global leader in furniture design and wholesale with 600+ employees.

How they did it:

Through a Rippling overtime report, Tiffany Cole, Director of People Operations at Four Hands, uncovered a significant resourcing gap in the largest department at the company.

The report not only showed that there were higher-than-average ratios of overtime for this team—but why. Tiffany discovered that despite some instances where the overtime policy was being abused, they had a severe under-resourcing issue.

The long-term impact: 

With Rippling, the HR team at Four Hands can now view overtime data as it updates in real time, across attributes like location and department. This makes it easy to spot red flags around resourcing, prevent burnout, and increase employee retention across the board.

I gave [my team] the means to step into every conversation, reports in hand, to show the rest of the business that there's data behind every single person.

Tiffany Cole

People Ops Director at Four Hands

Walker Advertising made a business case for equitable hiring as a revenue driver

Founded in 1984, Walker Advertising has 200+ employees and remains the nation’s leader in connecting Hispanic injury victims to attorneys looking to grow their practice.

How they did it:

As a Latina-founded company, Walker Advertising is deeply committed to maintaining a diverse workforce that reflects the communities it serves, ranking in the top 10% for diversity amongst similarly sized companies. Beyond core company values, VP of People Kimberly Williams wanted to see if DEI initiatives could lead to increased revenue—but until using Rippling, she couldn’t see a snapshot of holistic workforce data across every employee attribute to make a compelling case to leadership. 

Through Rippling, she and her team were able to connect the dots between demographic data across specific departments and document changes in the company’s client base. They then presented leadership with tangible numbers alongside trends to show that by expanding diversity in certain segments of the business, they were better positioned to expand their networks and market share. 

The long-term impact: 

Kimberly got buy-in to make critical investments in leadership development and other resources to ensure that the company’s practices created greater transparency and tied more deeply to the bottom line. With analytics fueling every conversation, the People team can show up as a driver of strategic decision-making.

The more admin you do, the more you are seen as an admin in the organization. It’s hard to change how your company views you—but it’s wildly significant to be seen as that strategic partner at that deep level.

Kimberly Williams

VP of People at Walker Advertising

Morning Consult increased its win rate by avoiding a lack of coverage during critical sales cycles

Headquartered in Washington, Morning Consult is a global decision intelligence company with 500+ employees that pairs proprietary data with applied artificial intelligence.

How they did it: 

Through Rippling, Manager of People Operations and Systems Amanda Perry equipped Morning Consult’s Sales team with time-off reports that show an overview of PTO ahead of a critical period of the sales cycle—enabling them to ensure adequate coverage and prevent losing out on deals due to low bandwidth. 

After Amanda created the initial report, Sales could just run with it—the PTO information updates in real-time so HR isn’t on the hook to generate new ones before every critical sales cycle. 

The long-term impact: 

With Rippling, Amanda’s HR team no longer has to sift through tons of data across multiple systems or pull reports each time department heads need information. Now, any executive can access any report on their own, and HR has more time for other strategic work.

At the executive level, we share monthly roll-up reports with leadership. I love that they can drill down into something specific without me having to parse and present it.

Amanda Perry

Manager of People Operations and Systems at Morning Consult

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