Abolish your "irreducible crap work": Parker Conrad on the Kruze Consulting podcast


Aug 10, 2020

Even people who love their jobs have to do some work that nobody likes doing. Parker Conrad built Rippling to abolish the latter—”irreducible crap work,” he calls it. 

Parker spoke to Scott Orn on the Kruze Consulting podcast about how the automation within Rippling takes care of the administrative work no HR department should be doing. He also discusses how Rippling’s platform uses data gleaned from that work to create a complete, actionable portrait of employees.  

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The highlights

Businesses are secretly dependent on the understanding of who their employees are and what they do for the company. As a result, there’s a massive amount of administrative work within a business, “irreducible crap work” according to Parker, “that nobody really likes doing.” 

Most companies think that employee data should just be used in the HR department or HR systems. That’s a misunderstanding of employee relationships to business systems.

Rippling was built from the beginning as a compound startup, one that gave companies the power to use employee data to their advantage in every aspect of their business. 

Much of Rippling’s spending is focused on R&D, more so than most SaaS companies—about half of Rippling’s employees are engineers. 

One of Rippling’s core goals is to integrate with and extend the functionality of all the products businesses already own.

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