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Bye, busy work! Automating carrier fulfillment & quoting for brokers

Matt DonaldsonJun 24, 2020

If you ask benefits brokers their least favorite part of their job, you’ll usually hear two things: getting custom quotes for each of their groups, and dealing with all of the employer-level paperwork they have to file with insurance carriers.

These task aren’t just an annoyance — they’re a business problem. For years brokers have faced stiff competition from digital brokerages like Gusto that have less overhead because they automate these processes. Meanwhile, brokers are left doing time-consuming paperwork that cuts into their margins, especially for small-group insurance.

While there are a few software solutions that let brokers offer some of the digital convenience customers now expect, none of them offer the end-to-end automation for submitting carrier paperwork that digital brokers provide their clients. Until now.

Rippling now allows brokers to instantly quote and compare small-group health insurance plans in-product with all the rates and SBCs built in. And in an industry first, we’re also providing brokers with a ready-to-send zip file of group-level applications and documentation required by carriers, so brokers can manage new group applications online from start to finish.

Why it matters: brokers can now compete in the small group market while keeping their operational costs low — so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time advising their clients.


Quoting and comparing health insurance plans is a fundamental service brokers provide for their clients. But most still rely on a tedious and outdated process that requires them to submit the details about each group to different carriers in order to collect custom quotes their clients can then compare and choose from.

Brokers can now use Rippling to instantly create custom medical plan quotes for their groups and compare plans. We do the heavy lifting on the back end so brokers can quote and present rates on the fly, so it’s easier and faster for clients to pick the right plan.

Automated End-to-End Carrier Enrollment

Like other platforms, Rippling already handles employee-level forms when brokers set up groups for the first time or help them switch carriers. But Rippling is the first to provide brokers with a ready-to-send zip file of group-level applications and documentation required by carriers, including:

  • Filled-out employer applications
  • Payroll information (QWTR uploaded or from Rippling payroll, payroll journal from Rippling payroll, discrepancy letter, W-4s)
  • Quoted rates for selected plan
  • Census of employee enrollments (full and changes)
  • Filled-out employee enrollment forms
  • Void check for first-time payment and ACH form

What does that mean for brokers? They can finally manage new group applications online from start to finish.

Unlike other providers, Rippling supports brokers with all transactions: new hires, terminations, qualifying life events (QLEs), and demographic changes. We also support all major medical and ancillary carriers for EDI, and most large regional carriers.

Rippling is providing automated enrollment with any carrier for ALL broker partners for free. End-to-end carrier enrollment is launching first in California for plans effective August 1 — we’ll soon expand to other states.

Boost your bottom line

Rippling, which was recently named by Forbes as a “Next Billion-Dollar Startup,” is investing in products that help brokers compete because our success is tied to yours. We believe in creating a level playing field with technology so you can get out of the back office and focus on being a true advisor and partner to your clients.

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Matt Donaldson

Head of Channel Sales, Rippling

Matt Donaldson leads all partner programs at the company. He works with partners companies like accountants, insurance brokers, IT consultants, and more to bring the first Employee Management Platform that spans HR & IT to companies around the country.

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