Introducing Candidate Feedback Summaries: Bringing AI into Rippling Recruiting


Nov 2, 2023


Dan Green

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days, and for good reason. AI advancements have the potential to create efficiencies, surface insights, and introduce new ways of working that were never before possible, across pretty much every industry—even HR.  

In fact, AI was the most common topic in presentations at the HR Tech conference last month, with almost 40% of speaker sessions focusing on it. But how do you separate the high volume of AI hype from its practical, useful, and real applications? 

Rippling Recruiting’s new AI feature can help you make better hiring decisions, faster 

Unlike other companies that have rushed to release AI features and ride the wave, at Rippling, our engineering team is focused on building AI into our platform in intentional ways. We’re tapping AI to further reduce the time-consuming admin work and repetitive tasks that Rippling set out to eliminate, and introduce new opportunities for automation and efficiency—so your team can focus on what really matters. 

And we’re starting with something relatively straightforward. Today, we’re excited to launch AI-powered candidate feedback summaries in Rippling Recruiting: a new way to easily summarize all of the interviewers’ feedback forms into a single digestible summary.

Your hiring decisions are only as strong as the candidate feedback you use to make them

Interviewers are responsible for determining who is a potential match for a job opening by screening candidates for relevant skill sets, past experiences, personality traits, and more—but the interviewer’s job doesn’t end when they say goodbye to the candidate. It’s crucial to get detailed, thorough, and thoughtful feedback from your interviewers in order to assess how a job applicant meets the mark or falls short. However, many Recruiting and Human Resources teams don’t have a system in place to gather meaningful feedback on their talent pool.

While other platforms provide a simple rating score and a free text response box that might encourage interviewers to leave brief, non-specific feedback, Rippling Recruiting lets you customize feedback forms, guiding your interviewers to answer specific questions and provide their perspective on different focus areas for a given role—upleveling the quality of your feedback. And with Rippling’s new candidate feedback summary powered by AI, you can do even more.

In addition to providing you with the overall ratings that each interviewer gave the candidate, Rippling automatically synthesizes all of the interviewers’ feedback forms using a Large Language Model (LLM) to output a digestible summary of the candidate’s pros and cons. By distilling the collective viewpoints of the interviewers into a concise format, this AI-powered summary gives hiring teams a helpful final snapshot of the candidate.

Make hiring decisions more efficient with the power of AI

The feedback summary is available in two places: in the Feedback tab of the candidate’s profile page in Rippling Recruiting, as well as in the approval workflow when a hiring decision is routed for final sign-off. Having the feedback summary available within the approval flow helps reassure leaders that the hiring team has done their due diligence in identifying the best candidate and is ultimately making the right decision.

These feedback summaries can save recruiters, hiring managers, and approvers time that would otherwise be spent sifting through disparate feedback forms, streamlining the final steps of the hiring process. Final approvers are often senior leaders who were not involved in the interview process, and this snapshot can give them greater peace of mind in their assessment of the most suitable candidate to bring into the company. 

And with Rippling’s modern workforce management platform, once you have your feedback summary in hand, it only takes a few seconds to send out an offer letter or get onboarding underway—the applicant tracking system automatically syncs with every other application across Rippling to automate changes and eliminate the painful discrepancies that can exist when an ATS is siloed off from the core HR system of record.

Ready to start hiring on all cylinders?

We are bringing AI-driven features into Rippling in places where they can unlock new insights, enable greater efficiency, and further reduce admin work—and feedback summaries are just the start.

These candidate summaries are just one of the ways Rippling can make your talent acquisition team more effective and efficient. Recruiting is a team sport, and that’s why we built Rippling Recruiting to help everyone involved in the hiring lifecycle do it better. 

If you’re already a Rippling customer and want to learn more about Rippling Recruiting and how it can help your team hire on all cylinders, you can get started here.

If you’re not a Rippling customer yet, you can request a demo here.  

last edited: March 26, 2024

The Author

Dan Green

Product Lead, Talent Products

Dan leads product initiatives related to recruiting, headcount planning, compensation bands, and org charts at Rippling. Before Rippling, he spent 10+ years building finance and business operations teams to solve similar issues as the end user of these tools.