How to create offer letters for employees in Ukraine


Jan 1, 2023

When you hire an employee in Ukraine, you'll want to send them an employment offer letter (referred to in Ukraine as an employment contract). While it isn't legally required to put the employment contract in writing, doing so is a best practice that makes the offer of employment and conditions of employment clear to the potential employee.

It's crucial to write your offer letter for an employee in Ukraine correctly. Ukraine has some of the strongest worker protections in the world, and failing to comply with them (in your offer letter or otherwise) could result in costly legal disputes and harsh penalties from the government.

Here’s everything you need to send a legally compliant offer letter to hire a full-time employee in Ukraine.

Ukraine job offer letter checklist

  • Contact information. The offer letter should include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all parties on the contract.
  • Position (job title), job description, start date, and probationary period. Clearly define the job and its responsibilities, duties, and tasks. You should also explain that the new employee will be evaluated for their suitability during a probationary period. In Ukraine, the length of probationary periods depends on the role—one month for most non-qualified employees and up to three months for specialists and managers.
  • Contract term. Most full-time employees will have indefinite-term contracts. In Ukraine, it's permissible to execute fixed-term contracts for specific projects or tasks.
  • Working hours. Outline the expected working hours and any overtime policies that the employee will be subject to. Under Ukraine's labor laws, a work week is 40 hours per week, typically with eight hours worked per day. Employees are entitled to two days off per week. There are also strict laws about caps on overtime and how much employees need to be paid if they work on weekdays, public holidays, or their rest days.
  • Compensation & Benefits.
    • Salary. Specify the employee's salary or hourly compensation in UAH, as well as any other compensation they may receive (equity compensation, bonuses, etc.) and the pay period.
    • Equity. If applicable, specify any equity compensation they will receive.
    • Benefits. Benefits could be outlined in the job offer letter, but be sure to address them in general terms so that if they change in the future, an amendment to the job offer letter isn't required. In Ukraine, the following benefits are mandatory for full-time employees:
      • Social security contributions. Social security in Ukraine funds employment insurance, disability insurance, and parental leave, and partially funds sick leave (this cost is split between employers and social security)
      • Pension contributions
      • Vacation time
      • Public holidays
    • Vacation. The employment contract should include details about your company's vacation leave policy, especially if you offer more leave than the statutorily required vacation in Ukraine.
  • Termination policy. Clearly explain the terms of termination, including any conditions that may lead to termination. Note that it's extremely difficult to terminate employees in Ukraine—labor laws offer robust protections that outright prohibit an employer from ending the employment agreement in certain cases, such as if the employee is pregnant, has a child under one-year-old, or is a single mother with any children under 14. Employees can be terminated with cause. Some examples of cause include (but are not limited to):
    • Regular, unjustified failure to perform job duties
    • Coming to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Theft of company property
    • Conflict of interest
  • Severance. Ukraine labor laws require minimum severance pay of one to six months' salary, depending on the length of employment and the reason for termination. If you offer more severance than the statutory minimum, you can include that in your job offer letter.

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