Introducing Rippling + HackerRank: A better way to facilitate technical interviews


Aug 23, 2023

Assessing technical skills can be subjective and time-consuming—and too often, businesses must rely on inconsistent interviewing techniques. As a result, it can be difficult to make informed hiring decisions.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Rippling’s integration with HackerRank, the technical skills assessment platform that allows you to conduct standardized, compliant, and efficient technical interviews, adding empirical evidence to your toughest hiring decisions.

With this new integration, technical assessments can be assigned within Rippling Recruiting. Once complete, the results are automatically linked back to the candidate, empowering recruiters and hiring managers to facilitate a seamless hiring process.

Automatically sync candidate and interview data from Rippling to HackerRank

Candidate and interview data transfers seamlessly from Rippling to HackerRank—so you don’t have to manually assign assessments and report back results. With up-to-date data, your recruiters can effectively work through hiring cycles, and your candidates can easily show off their technical skills.

Sign in to HackerRank faster and more securely via single sign-on (SSO)

Keep your accounts protected with SSO, which can be configured for HackerRank users upon app setup. Employees can now sign into their HackerRank account, using Rippling to authenticate.

To get started, download HackerRank from the Rippling App Store.

last edited: March 26, 2024

The Author

Brad Armstrong

SVP of Business and Corporate Development

As a member of the executive team, Brad leads Rippling’s partnerships, ecosystem development, and M&A teams.