Introducing Rippling + Gem: Engage and hire talent faster


Aug 21, 2023

Sourcing and engaging the right talent can be painful and time-consuming. With such fierce competition for talent, talent acquisition teams need to be able to identify, engage, and build relationships with the right candidates without drowning in administrative work. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new integration with Gem, the modern recruiting CRM. With Rippling + Gem, you can integrate Gem’s best-in-class sourcing and CRM solution with Rippling’s best-in-class ATS to consolidate your talent acquisition licenses and give your team the tools they need to fill high-priority roles efficiently.

Source passive talent at scale

With Gem, recruiting teams can automate and personalize candidate outreach across multiple channels, engage hiring managers, and deploy the most effective, data-backed strategies to deliver diverse, high-quality pipelines. Recruiters can save hours each day by automating busy work such as email writing, follow-ups, and reminders. 

Sync with Gem for a complete picture of every candidate

Gem instantly pulls all your open reqs, candidates, and job applications from Rippling, so you have a real-time, unified view of your pipeline and plan across all of your touchpoints. You can also see all active candidates in Rippling Recruiting within Gem.

De-dupe and upload candidates in Gem to requisitions in Rippling

With one click, you can assign candidates in Gem to open requisitions in Rippling, and sync candidate information to their Rippling profile without any additional data entry. Gem will also flag any potential duplicate candidates between Gem and Rippling.

Create Gem accounts and sign in faster and more securely via single sign-on (SSO)

Now, you can create new Gem accounts for your employees right through Rippling. And you can keep your accounts protected with SSO, which can be configured for Gem users upon app setup. Your talent team can now sign into their Gem account directly through the Rippling dashboard.

To get started, install the Gem app from the Rippling App Store.

last edited: March 26, 2024

The Author

Brad Armstrong

SVP of Business and Corporate Development

As a member of the executive team, Brad leads Rippling’s partnerships, ecosystem development, and M&A teams.