Meet the Ripplers: Zack joined the Rippling “rocket ship” to accelerate customer enablement


Apr 4, 2024

Name: Zack Lord
Role: Manager, Technical Account Consulting
Location: Kansas City
Rippler since: 2021

Roles + responsibilities

I have what I believe is the best job at Rippling. I lead the Technical Account Consulting (TAC) and Global Technical Account Management (TAM) teams, which focus on enabling and partnering with customers globally.

These teams consist of incredible people who are passionately dedicated to supporting customers through key lifecycle events, providing education, and ensuring our product works for them. My role involves coaching, fostering team culture, and actively partnering on challenges with my teams. As we continue to grow, I’m working hard to create an environment where they can thrive and feel valued and empowered to succeed in their roles. 

This Rippler's journey

Before joining Rippling, I worked for a SaaS company that supported technology solutions providers. I started out in support and worked my way into a Customer Success position where I helped build customer relationships.

A former colleague of mine reached out and told me about a “rocket ship” he had joined. After hearing about his experience at Rippling and learning about an open position, I jumped at the chance. I joined as a Technical Account Consultant (TAC), originally working with accounts on an engagement basis for enablement and different lifecycle events. 

During my time here, Rippling has grown remarkably, and accordingly, the TAC team has grown as well (more than triple in size since 2021). This growth also created an opportunity for me to move into a team lead role and, shortly after, into a manager role. Two and a half years later, I couldn’t be happier with my decision—and I’m especially thankful to my colleague who helped bring me along.

Memorable Rippling moments

Culture. Culture. Culture. Within the TAM team, we always talk about how “feedback is a gift,” whether you’ve been here for a few years or a few days. Everyone’s thoughts and opinions are valued at Rippling, and if something’s not working, we get together to figure it out. A perfect example of this is a process we used for reviewing customer accounts when I first joined: After being here for only a few weeks, another colleague and I provided feedback on how to improve the process. We were immediately brought into a meeting with leadership and given a chance to make those changes—it really set the tone. I can’t even list the number of times people on my team have had an opportunity to voice their opinions on how things can be better. 

Work + life

The ability to work remotely at Rippling has been incredible. I’m the dad of a four-year-old and a five-year-old. I have the ability to step away and spend time with my kids when I need to, whether it’s going on a walk, eating lunch, or just hanging out with them; it’s something I’ll never take for granted. We also travel quite a bit since we have family a few states away. Being able to visit family and still work has allowed me a level of flexibility I never thought I’d have.

When I'm not helping Rippling customers 

Originally from northeast Ohio, I now live in Kansas City with my wife, our two kids, and two dogs. When we’re not playing taxi drivers to take the kids to dance, sports, or other extracurriculars, you can find us throwing some barbeque on the smoker to enjoy while watching one of my Ohio sports teams!

Tips for future Ripplers

One of my favorite things about Rippling is our core value, “Go to Western Union.'' This means no matter who you are or what your position is, if you see a problem, you help solve it. Some of my favorite memories here have been of our teams dropping what they were doing and coming together to solve an issue. If you just want to clock in and out and be done, I wish you the best of luck. But if you want to be a part of this rocket ship, you need to dig in and get involved. I couldn’t be happier that I did.

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