Rippling’s Global Workforce Management named Top HR Product of the Year


Oct 11, 2023

Yesterday, HR Executive named Rippling’s global workforce management system a top HR product of the year. This comes on the heels of US News naming Rippling the Best HR Software of 2023, USA Today naming Rippling their top choice for payroll software, and G2 naming Rippling #1 in Core HR for the second quarter in a row. 

We’re grateful to be recognized as the leader in workforce management and trusted by thousands of businesses around the world.

Rippling's core thesis is that employee information is critical to a wide array of business systems, even those beyond HR. Keeping this data consistent across all the disparate platforms is what makes it challenging for companies to manage these systems.

Rippling addresses this issue by providing companies and their employees with a unified system of record—where making modifications in one platform means automatically updating all connected platforms.

When all your information is in one place, it gives every team a shared source of truth, the power to automate tasks, and access to the insights they need, so you can accelerate business execution and run more efficiently. 

This insight is what makes Rippling different. HR Executive explains why companies from two to 2,000 run on Rippling:

“Rippling is the first global workforce management platform designed to support companies at every stage of growth—from paying your first global contractor to managing a workforce worldwide. Rippling Global Workforce Management includes an HRIS that adapts from country to country, a payroll system that adjusts to local currencies and auto-files taxes, tools to automate your global compliance for everything from sick leave to minimum wage laws, and a lot more. Rippling aims to make it as easy as possible to manage a global workforce.

“We were impressed by the enterprise-level capability of this product, designed for small to mid-size companies in the sweet spot of two to 2,000 employees. People are paid in their own currency, and the employee experience is localized, with custom holiday calendars, policies, documents, and fields available. Also, the workforce and financial reporting system is user-friendly and can be sorted by specific use cases Rippling calls ‘recipes’ or generated on a customized basis.”

If you’re at HR Tech, come visit us at Booth 4514. We’re excited to share ways we can make your business more efficient and discuss some of the new products and services we’ll release later this year and in 2024. 

If you’re not at HR Tech but want to book a demo, you know where to find us!

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