How Brokers Can Ask the Right Questions to Win and Retain Clients

Retain clients by collecting specific and actionable feedback to improve your service and your client’s experience.


Chris Marincik

Manager, Broker Channel


Key Takeaways


Client surveys can help you retain them and win more.

Surveying your clients will allow you to set yourself apart from competing brokerages by offering prospects a benefits package that addresses their organization's specific needs. Nothing earns a customer's trust like a data-backed benefits package within their budget.


Make sure to ask the right questions.

You should ask questions that gauge the level of employee satisfaction, help you determine clear next steps, and help you understand what employees are actually looking for. Knowing your client well is a great tool for retention.


Knowing when to ask is important, too.

Asking clients well before their renewal window is a great time to discover if what they're looking for in a provider has changed, and acknowledges that their needs are being considered. For new clients, it's important to ask key questions at the start so you understand their expectations.


Surveys can help set you apart from all the other brokers out there by tailoring it more to your customers' needs versus being generic with how you engage with your customers.

Chris Marincik

Manager, Broker Channel at Rippling

After a busy Q4, a lot of brokers lose sight of the follow-up, and the timing of the follow-up. You want follow-up with your customers while it's fresh, because they're are going to forget what the experience was like 3 months ago.

Chris Marincik

Manager, Broker Channel at Rippling

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