Essential HR Tasks to Prepare for a Smooth Year End

Get help checking off common year-end HR tasks, and learn about the tools and know-how that help you do it effectively.


Erin McCown

Technical Account Consultant


Key Takeaways


End-of-year HR processes are important to get right

The end of a year is a key point in time for changes to employee information, which affects a lot of the legal documents companies must maintain for active employees. As such, there are many can’t-miss deadlines, and timely updates are important to avoid financial ramifications.


Prepare ahead of time to process Year End payroll accurately

There are many types of off-cycle payroll runs that a company may need to process at Year End, each with unique considerations and timelines. Identifying your needs early can help make the end of the year less stressful.


Ask your employees to self-audit

To avoid costly corrections, it's important to have employees audit their demographic information, withholding information, and pay stub accuracy. Clear, effective communication is key to get employee participation by a certain deadline.

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