How Brokers Can Speed Up Every Stage of Open Enrollment

Learn everything brokers need to know about running an efficient open enrollment for their clients. We'll review Rippling features that help brokers offer high-quality OE services in a fraction of the time.


Amarah Callahan

Senior Partner Success Manager


Key Takeaways


Set up OE for clients in under 30 minutes

With Rippling, you can create an easy-to-follow open enrollment flow for your clients' employees that will maximize participation. Customize each clients OE according to their plans or preferences-- in minutes, not hours.


Skip the pre-OE meeting spreadsheets

Rippling’s plan comparison and contribution scheme tooling will automatically break down different cost options so you can scenario plan on-the-fly with your client. Visualizations clarify the costs of different options to put your client in the driver’s seat of decision-making.


Have confidence with carrier form submissions

Rippling will auto-generate all your carrier forms in a single, ready-to-send file. Plus, status dashboards give you a birds-eye view of paperworks' status by client or employee.

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