How to Future-Proof Your Workforce Management Strategy in 2023

Discover how forward-thinking companies, like DotCom Therapy, are planning for massive time and cost savings in 2023 by switching from several disparate systems to an all-in-one workforce management platform.

Caitlin Heise

Chief Human Resources Officer

DotCom Therapy

Key Takeaways


Disconnected systems reduces data integrity

When using separate tools, it becomes much harder to sync employee data across them. And having multiple sources of truth hurts your organization’s data integrity when it comes to processes like payroll. This creates endless admin work and results in errors that affect the employee experience.


It's important to know the costs of switching

Switching to new software can be very exciting but also very daunting. There are many direct and indirect costs every buyer should be aware of, including time loss from procurement, implementation and maintenance, and training.


It's important to know the benefits of switching

Switching costs must be cross-compared with the cost savings that a new solution might provide. Major time savings can increase team output, and improved admin and employee experiences can increase adoption, reduce training costs, and improve productivity company-wide.


Especially for legacy solutions, the cost of implementation and ongoing updates can be massive. When capabilities are built as modules within the same interface, it doesn’t require an advanced degree or specialized training course to make the platform your own.

Brooke Golombeck

Enterprise Solutions Expert at Rippling

When compared to Rippling, there was really nothing else that stood out. The fact that everything is interconnected makes my day so infinitely easier, and it makes my HR generalists' lives easier.

Caitlin Heise

Chief Human Resources Officer at DotCom Therapy

And what Benenson found is that non-Rippling customers had to hire 86% more admins than Rippling customers across HR, IT, and Finance. Put another way, Rippling customers typically get twice as much done with the same headcount.

Brooke Golombeck

Enterprise Solutions Expert at Rippling

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