How to (Legally) Hire Global Contractors

Discover the many benefits of hiring independent contractors, and learn how to legally hire them in both the US and internationally.


Rachael Sneddon

HR Advisor


Stefanie San Juan

EOR HR Advisor


Key Takeaways


The number of independent contractors has soared.

Over the past few years, the number of people working as independent contractors has soared from just under 13 million in 2017 to nearly 24 million in 2021. Studies have demonstrated this trend is here to stay.


Hiring contractors has several advantages.

There are financial benefits (don't need to provide equipment or benefits), better flexibility (can hire for temporary periods of time), and increased productivity (specialized skills and fewer meetings).


The cost of misclassification can be steep.

Misclassification is when a business treats a worker as a contractor, when it should have treated that worker as an employee. It can result in claims and financial penalties, as well as reputational damage.


Special considerations for hiring international contractors.

When hiring contractors abroad, companies should make sure they process the correct tax forms, consider differences in tax seasons and public holidays, and understand termination & leave requirements.

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