How to Optimize HR Costs During Economic Uncertainty

Learn how the economy is affecting HR & People teams, and hear what businesses, large and small, can do to reduce tedious administrative work and optimize costs during economic uncertainty.

Key Takeaways


Economic uncertainty has led to blunt cost-cutting measures

Cumulative effects driving the mid-2022 economy down have driven many companies to resort to layoffs, hiring freezes, and budget slashes.


Businesses that 'do more with less' will benefit most

Decisions made during economic downturn can determine the trajectory of a business. Those that cut costs will survive, but those that find ways to operate more efficiently will win.


Working smarter, not harder

Rippling offers massive time savings across onboarding & offboarding, payroll, reporting, and more. In fact, non-Rippling customers have to hire nearly double the headcount to accomplish the same amount of work.


It's really up to us in G&A to be thoughtful about business operations — operating with excellence in a lean environment is definitely what I foresee continuing to be the norm.

Christine Maxwell

Vice President, People at Rippling

There's a whole body of strategic HR work that HR professionals actually really enjoy doing...and almost none of that includes moving data from one system to another.

Christine Maxwell

Vice President, People at Rippling

Because we're a start-up and are stretched pretty thin, this is where automations come in. We also want to empower our employees — as much as possible — to be self sufficient.

Shea McBrearty

Head of People at Darwin Homes

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