The New Way HR, IT, and Finance Leaders are Doing More with Less

Learn how modern HR, IT, and Finance leaders are enabling operational efficiency and cutting workforce management costs, according to Forrester Consulting.


Don Doidge

HR Solutions Consultant


Luca Son

TEI Consultant


Key Takeaways


Rippling increased operational efficiency

The composite organization increased HR, payroll, and finance operational efficiency by 42% due to consolidating legacy HRIS and point solutions into a centralized solution. This resulted in $431k of cost savings.


Rippling increased productivity

The composite organization increased leadership and employee productivity, leading to $104k of cost savings. Leaders saved 22 hours annually from greater reporting visibility, control, and insights, and employees saved 4 hours annually.


Rippling replaced outdated, legacy systems

The composite organization was able to eliminate 480 hours annually dedicated to managing legacy tools and workflows, resulting in cost savings of $254k.

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