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Rippling Recruiting

Connect every step of your hiring process, automate all of the administrative work, and get your whole company hiring on all cylinders.

Rippling Recruiting

Everything you need to easily manage a global workforce-in one place.

Branded careers page

Amplify your brand to candidates with a careers page customized with your company’s logo.

Post to free job boards

Purchase premium job listings

Pay transparency fields for all required states

Rippling can also pull pay ranges from Compensation Bands and insert them in postings, so you’re always compliant with pay transparency laws

Knockout screening questions

Confidential requisitions

For sensitive hires, Rippling lets you create job reqs that are only visible to a select group of employees.

Full applicant management

Manage applicants from the second they apply to the moment they accept an offer.

Recruiter task management

Custom hiring dashboards

Equip each team member with a personalized dashboard. From hiring managers to department heads, everyone has automatic access to the data and tools they need to manage their pipeline.

Candidate activity log

Default candidate tags

Categorize applicants into groups using default tags. This lets everyone quickly search for and sort candidates.

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Rippling Recruiting Pro

Everything in Recruiting, plus:

Unlimited custom candidate tags

Categorize applicants into groups using custom tags. This lets everyone quickly search for and sort candidates using your company’s shorthand.

Unlimited custom questionnaires

Unlimited custom pipeline templates

Choose pipeline templates from our library and then adjust as needed.

Unlimited custom feedback forms

Customize your feedback forms for each interviewer, so you can evaluate candidates fairly and get measurable insights.

AI-powered candidate feedback summaries

Rippling automatically synthesizes your interviewer feedback into a concise digest of pros and cons.

Custom interview groups

Build pools of potential interviewers based on attributes like team and tenure, to make scheduling interviews easier.

Custom interviewer quotas and limits 

Bulk candidate management

Employee referrals

Build an employee referral program to take your recruiting to the next level. Set the parameters for referral bonuses, easily track referred candidates, and pay out referral bonuses automatically via Payroll.

Custom candidate surveys

Automatically survey candidates at any stage of the interview process. Trigger surveys based off role details, like department, location, and more.

Internal job board

Multiple branded career pages

For companies with multiple EINs, you can build separate career pages for each entity.

API access for career pages

Take your career page to the next level with API access allowing even deeper levels of customization.