Founders, keepers: Rippling acquires Fuzzbuzz


Jan 3, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the acquisition of Fuzzbuzz, which was co-founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients Andrei Serban and Everest Munro-Zeisberger. The Fuzzbuzz team of six engineers brings years of experience building application security tooling that integrates into developer workflows to find bugs and vulnerabilities before they reach production.

Founders like Andrei and Everest are our favorite people to work with—which is why over 50 former founders now call Rippling home. 

We find that by giving founders the resources they need and then getting out of the way, the whole engineering team can build better products, faster. It's why we acquired RunX in the summer of 2022. Its founders, Ankur Dahiya and Nitin Aggarwal, along with the rest of the RunX team, now work on Rippling's core infrastructure initiatives and optimize our developer experience across platforms. 

As for Fuzzbuzz, they're going to help accelerate some of our most important engineering efforts, from building new products to enhancing our infrastructure.

Welcome, Andrei, Everest, and team. We're beyond excited to see what we build together!

And to all of the other founders out there—past or present—we encourage you to drop us a line, whether you’re looking to build something new at Rippling or already built something you think would benefit our customers.

last edited: March 26, 2024

The Author

Brad Armstrong

SVP of Business and Corporate Development

As a member of the executive team, Brad leads Rippling’s partnerships, ecosystem development, and M&A teams.