Here’s why former founders make Rippling better


Aug 4, 2022

It’s no secret that we love former founders. We’ve hired dozens. They have a unique resilience—a grit and drive from grappling with the emotional, strategic, and operational challenges of building something entirely new. They have a proven entrepreneurial spirit. 

Today, we’re announcing the acquisition of RunX, a small team of highly skilled engineers that will join our team on August 8, 2022. Not only did Ankur Dahiya and Nitin Aggarwal found RunX to automate infrastructure on any cloud, they have been leaders at some of the most established engineering-led businesses on the planet like Google, Stripe, and Flexport.

All former founders at Rippling are placed in positions to do their best work. Some run entire products and teams within Rippling. 

We believe that giving former founders autonomy, plus access to all the existing teams and tools within Rippling helps create genuinely better products. It’s how we can engineer all the interrelated facets of a compound startup and have them work together seamlessly. 

In the case of RunX, the team is joining to bolster our existing team and core infrastructure initiatives spanning our runtime platform, data platform and work to provide a world-class developer experience to our product teams. Looking ahead, we’ll be investing heavily in this area with teams across North America, Asia and Europe, to support and sustain the growth of our rapidly expanding product platform.

Welcome, Ankur, Nitin, and team. We’re excited to see what we can create together!

If you’re a founder or former founder, we’d love to talk. We have positions open across Engineering and throughout Rippling.

last edited: April 25, 2023

The Author

Brad Armstrong

SVP of Business and Corporate Development

As a member of the executive team, Brad leads Rippling’s partnerships, ecosystem development, and M&A teams.