Introducing Rippling Learning Management: The easiest way to train your employees and stay compliant


Jun 8, 2021

Learning and development has emerged as one of the biggest differentiators in the employee-experience world. According to a LinkedIn study, 94% of employees would stay at their company longer if it invested in their careers. In fact, 70% say they would move on from their current employer for a company that invests more actively in professional development. 

But creating a robust learning and development program in your workplace is easier said than done. There are many learning management systems (LMS) out there, but managing your employee training programs are often time-intensive and error-prone.

Many HR teams forgo learning and development altogether for three reasons: 

  1. Tons of busywork: Enrolling employees in courses, tracking their progress, and reporting on course completion can bury your team in administrative busywork. Ernst and Young estimates that the labor cost of administering a single training session for one employee is over $70.
  2. High cost of investment: Most organizations don’t have the time or resources to develop high-quality, custom training courses that are relevant to their employees and that can meet compliance standards.
  3. Expertise shortage: A lot of companies don’t have an employee dedicated to L&D objectives and some may not even realize they are have mandatory compliance obligations like sexual harassment training that need to be administered. 

It’s a lose-lose situation. Without a learning management system in place, employees may feel like they have limited options for skills development and seek other opportunities. But with one in place, HR teams face hours and hours of busy work for unclear results. 

That’s why we’ve built Rippling Learning Management to help put employee and compliance training programs on autopilot. It comes with a robust library of pre-built content for compliance training including sexual harassment training in all 50 states, all while eliminating the busywork that comes with enrolling, tracking, and reporting on your learning objectives.  

Here’s what sets it apart from a traditional LMS

Launch new training programs in minutes 

Every HR leader wants to attract and retain employees by offering the best professional development. The problem is creating custom courses is often an aspirational goal. Course creation is incredibly time-consuming, and even when HR teams want to take on the initiative, most have to deprioritize it in favor of other more important strategic initiatives.

With Rippling, you can fully launch your training program in just minutes. Our course catalog includes pre-built courses on compliance topics like sexual harassment training, cybersecurity training, unconscious bias training, and more. 

And our entire course library is desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly ensuring your employees can learn on their own schedule in the office, at home, or on the go. 

If you are looking for other topics, our partnership with Go1 enables customers to purchase custom course bundles from their library of over 70,000 courses on virtually any topic: from skills development training to industry-specific compliance.

Already have courses you know, love, and use? In addition to accessing our pre-built educational library, you can always upload your own custom SCORM e-learning packages to create a custom learning and development program for your employees. 

Simplify compliance training 

According to Statista, a survey of over 700+ compliance training administrators listed limited training hours, insufficient resources (people and budget) and difficulty covering all compliance topics as the top 3 challenges their organization faces when it comes to compliance training.

There’s no doubt that staying on top of compliance training can be one of the most stressful responsibilities for an HR admin. But there’s no getting around it. For example, six states require companies to administer anti-harassment training and it’s recommended in all 50 states by the EEOC.

And yet managing compliance programs can be tricky. Some states like California and Connecticut have different requirements for supervisors and regular employees. When HR teams have to manage training manually, small discrepancies like this can result in costly errors. 

Rippling automates the administrative busywork that comes with administering compliance training to take the stress away. We’ve pre-configured enrollment rules for sexual harassment training across 50 states. With just a click, we’ll automatically enroll all of your current and future employees and managers into the correct, state-mandated courses, so your company’s always compliant. 

This means, whenever a California employee gets promoted to manager level for this first time, we’ll automatically assign the supervisor specific sexual harassment training course for you, so you don’t have to think about it! We can even automatically re-enroll employees in training courses every year to ensure certifications are always up-to-date. 

Learning management without the management

Usually, with any LMS, course enrollment is a chore and is typically done manually. You have to add every new employee to the LMS, enroll them in the right courses during onboarding, and then remember to assign new training when people are promoted. 

On top of everything else you do, the LMS becomes another job unto itself. And since compliance training is mandated by law, failing to remember these tasks can result in hefty fines. 

With Rippling, course enrollment is fully automated. Rippling uses specific triggers from within the platform, like signing an offer letter or promoting an employee, to assign courses. Every employee gets the right course at the right time. 

But enrollment is just the start of the manual work that typically comes with an LMS. Getting employees to complete their training can be an even greater administrative headache. Some systems don’t support basic progress tracking and automated reminders. In that case, admins are forced to maintain an unwieldy spreadsheet and remind employees over email to complete courses. 

Even systems that can send automated reminders, make it incredibly difficult to answer simple questions like who is currently enrolled in training, who has an upcoming due date, and who has missed a training deadline.

Rippling will automatically send your employees a reminder via email or push notification. Plus, our platform gives you an easy visual overview of who has upcoming or overdue deadlines. And, our built-in certification report makes it simple to see who has completed training and when they completed it if an audit is ever requested.

Course certifications can even be leveraged in other Rippling products. For companies with hourly workforces, certifications completed in Rippling Learning Management can tie directly to our Time & Attendance product. So, you can create policies that allow employees to clock-in to a specific job only if they have completed the appropriate certification course so you’re always compliant. 

Strengthen employee retention and stay compliant with Rippling LMS

We believe learning and development is a crucial pillar for every company to invest in. That’s why we’ve built Rippling Learning Management and we think it’s the easiest way to train your team and stay compliant.

If you’re interested in seeing the product in action, schedule a demo with our team today!

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