Transforming onboarding at Sibros with Rippling


May 20, 2024

Sibros Technologies, a cutting-edge IoT company focused on mobility, was wrestling with the challenge of onboarding employees that were scattered across the globe. With just two HR leaders handling all human resources tasks across the US, Europe, and India, they knew they needed to automate some of their manual processes in order to create a world-class employee experience.

The lean team, led by Michelle Colangelo, Senior People Manager at Sibros, started looking for a way to improve the manual handling of new hire documentation, onboarding, and training. They landed on Rippling.

Shifting gears with automation

Together, Rippling and Sibros engineered a blueprint for change, leveraging Rippling’s automation capabilities to their fullest potential to uplevel onboarding.

First, they used country-specific templates to streamline the offer letter process, replacing their Google Sheets checklist process with custom workflows. This helped unshackle Michelle and the team from their previous limitations so they could focus on more high-impact tasks like implementing retention measures and DEI initiatives. 

Next, they created custom fields that allowed them to integrate immigration details and location-specific employee information. This ensured that each new hire had a tailored experience and also enabled Sibros to stay compliant with regulations.

Accelerating learning with advanced systems

The innovation didn’t stop there. Utilizing Rippling’s Learning Management System (LMS), Michelle was able to turn mandatory training from a time drain into an automated self-serve system. The LMS ensured a continuous loop of compliance and learning by automating training issuance, tracking completions, sending reminders, and scheduling upcoming sessions. She also established a monthly workflow to flag overdue training, keeping everyone on track.

Creating a stronger culture

With the diverse nature of its global team in mind, Sibros was also able to tailor its time-off policies to match the specific laws of each country. With Rippling’s help, the Sibros team now easily sets up calendars that reflect country and region-specific holidays.

They used Rippling’s automations to ensure that birthdays and anniversaries were celebrated, reinforcing their culture of appreciation. The Sibros team also introduced a 30-day survey for new hires, opening a channel for feedback and driving continuous improvement.

Accomplishing their strategic vision

With time to focus on their strategic vision and Rippling’s comprehensive HRIS backing them up, Michelle and the team were able to transform the onboarding process into a seamless, efficient, and personalized experience for their employees. 

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