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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


One HR system for your team everywhere

With Rippling, you can finally bring all of your employee data from around the world into a single system. Rippling dynamically localizes everything—from fields and documents to currencies—based on work location.




onboarding AUTOMATION

Onboard new hires in 90 seconds

Set up employees and contractors across the globe with everything they need—from device and trainings to corporate cards—in just 90 seconds.

Generate offer letter & Handbook

Run background check & E-verify

Add to payroll & prorate check

Enroll in health insurance & 401(k)

Assign anti-sexual harassment training

Assign to apps (ex: Zoom, Slack, etc)


Promote employees

in 90 seconds

Every employee life event—from a promotion to a marriage—creates a cascade of paperwork and related tasks. Rippling automates this busy work so you can focus on the work-work.

Generate promotion paperwork

Change title to “Sales Manager”

Increase salary by 5% in payroll

Update org chart

Assign manager training course

offboarding AUTOMATION

Offboard employees in 90 seconds

Every employee life event—from a promotion to a marriage—creates a cascade of paperwork and related tasks. Rippling automates this busy work so you can focus on the work-work.

Generate separation agreements

Calculate & cut final paycheck

Remove from company benefits

Administer COBRA

Assign offboarding tasks to manager

Disable apps (Slack, Zoom, etc.)


One source of truth for HR analytics, policies, and more

Rippling connects all of your HR systems, so you can update, automate, and report on everything in a single unified platform.

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Run any report on your workforce you can imagine. No code required.

Easily track hiring against open headcount with with reports that show progress by location, start date, cost, and more.

View total compensation data in one place, in real-time. No need to download CSVs from multiple systems and manipulate data every time you need to know an employee’s total comp.

Identify retention risks by splicing and dicing exit survey responses by department, gender, or any employee attribute you can think of.

Only Rippling allows you to report on your external employee data that lives in third-party apps—like Slack, Zendesk, and GitHub—alongside your internal HR data.

Schedule and share reports

Send out recurring financial reports for meetings across departments.

Create custom queries

RQL allows you to create Excel-like formulas that aggregate data across systems, like cost per team across quarters.

Unify your finance data

Rippling brings all the employee data scattered across your finance stack into one place.


Automate manual tasks and approval processes

Automate simple tasks, like sending onboarding emails, or go big and automate complex multi-step approval processes with daisy-chained workflows.

No code or IT help required.


Customize access, approvals, and more by role

Defining which employees can do what has never been this easy—or precise. Only Rippling lets you build permission profiles and hyper-custom policies based on role. That gives your business an unparalleled degree of control, even as your organization changes.

Role-Based Permissions

Role-Based Policies


Flag and fix costly compliance mistakes automatically

Rippling automatically flags hidden local, state, and federal compliance infractions—and recommends a plan of action for each one.


Hit the ground running with hundreds of templates

Choose from hundreds of pre-built workflow templates. Use them out-of-the-box or tweak them to meet your exact needs.

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What is an HRIS?

HRIS, or Human Resources Information System,streamlines employee management tasks like recruitment, onboarding, time tracking, and benefits administration. Some HRIS options come paired with a native payroll solution, while others do not. It serves as a central hub for employee data, including roles, compensation, contact info, and much more.

What are the benefits of a modern HRIS?

A modern HRIS enables efficient record-keeping, compliance monitoring, and reducing administrative workloads for companies of all sizes by creating a single source of truth for employee data. See how Rippling helped Trash Butler cut time spent on HR & IT tasks by 75%.

How is Rippling HRIS different from other HRIS solutions?

Not all HRIS are the same. A modern HRIS should enable you to manage and pay your entire workforce, including part-time, full-time employees, and independent contractors, regardless of their location, streamlining processes and ensuring timely payments. Rippling, for instance, lets you manage and automate all of your people operations around the world—from onboarding to offboarding—in a single system. Rippling also offers a comprehensive suite of natively-built HR apps, including payroll, benefits administration, applicant tracking, performance management, employee surveys, and more.

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