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Stay ACA compliant without the complexity

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ACA Requirements

Automate the employer reporting process

By utilizing the existing information stored in our system, Rippling makes complying with ACA reporting requirements easy and automatic. We'll streamline everything from gathering company information, to generating and filing the necessary forms with the IRS.

Gathering relevant information about your company for reporting to the IRS

Generating the 1094-C form for your company

Submitting the relevant forms to the IRS and any relevant state agencies

Generating the 1095-C forms for all eligible employees, and adding them to all employees’ Rippling profiles

Tax form E-filing

Streamline 1094-C and 1095-C filing


Generate and file your company’s 1094-C

Rippling automatically generates your company’s 1094-C and files it with the IRS on your behalf, saving you the hassle of manually maintaining ACA compliance.


Generate and send 1095-C to eligible employees

Rippling instantly generates 1095-C forms and distributes them to each eligible employee via their employee profile in Rippling—sparing you the headache of manually preparing and sending each form.

Track information in one place

Rippling automatically gathers and populates the necessary insurance info for you, keeping you compliant with all ACA reporting requirements.

All of the medical insurance plans that were offered

A list of medical insurance-eligible employees

Each employee's enrollment information

Benefits Eligibility Tracking

Know who's insurance eligible

Rippling automates the process of tracking employee hours for insurance eligibility as mandated by the ACA. We pull in hours from payroll, run calculations, and notify you about recommended benefits eligibility updates. You can even monitor projected employee eligibility for any given measurement period using our preconfigured Eligibility Report.

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