Manage access across the entire user lifecycle

Streamline provisioning, SSO, permissions, and more.

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IT Management


Third Party accounts managed


One place to set up, manage, and suspend employee accounts

Rippling integrates with over 600 third-party applications, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and GitHub.


Add new hires to every app they need, all at once, with just one click.

Employee Changes

Automatically keep employees' HR data in sync with every app.


Disable departing employees' apps with just one click.

Hassle-free deprovisioning

Disable employees’ apps when they offboard

Get rid of your Friday afternoon offboarding checklist. When you offboard employees in Rippling, it automatically revokes their access to all of your company’s applications at a time you define.


Identity & Access Management built on a single source of truth

Our cloud infrastructure combines natively integrated IT and HR user data—so you can keep access dynamically updated across your org, in real time.

Dynamic security policies

Enforce role-based MFA

Security polices shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-most solution. Tailor MFA requirements based on user attributes, like role and department.

Activity stream

See who used which app—when and where

Rippling’s activity stream enables you to view employee app activity in real time, so you easily see details like where an employee logged in or when a reset password email was sent.

See when and where employees are using their apps

Behavioral detection rules

Stay on top of suspicious behavior

Strengthen security with dynamic behavioral detection rules that take action by notifying managers or locking users out of your systems.

Product Overview

Everything you need to securely manage user identity and access

We build all our products in house on a foundation of native user data to give IT teams of any size a better approach to manage user identity and access—all in one place.


Onboarding app provisioning


Single sign-on (SSO)


Offboarding app deprovisioning


Team password manager


Role-based access controls


Schema mapping


Custom behavioral detection rules


SAML & LDAP support


Activity reporting & MFA


Provisioning and deprovisioining


SSO for 600+ integrations


Built-in password manager


Virtual LDAP


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Rippling is a single platform that can help your business manage all of its employee data and operations, no matter its size.

Frequently asked questions

What does identity and access management (IAM) mean?

Identity & Access Management (IAM) refers to the framework of policies and technologies that ensure the appropriate access to resources within an organization. It encompasses the management of user identities, their authentication, and the authorization to access various systems and applications.

Why is IAM an important part of cybersecurity?

IAM is an important part of cybersecurity because it allows organizations to manage and control access to their resources securely. IAM provides controlled access and permissions, protects sensitive data, and helps with compliance by providing detailed access to logs and reports.

What applications does Rippling integrate with?

Rippling integrates with over 500 third party applications, so you can instantly add new hires to Slack, issue corporate cards with Brex, set employees’ expense limits with Expensify, and so much more. Visit the App Shop to view the full library of ready-to-install integrations.

What does application management do?

IAM systems are designed to provide the right individuals with the right access to the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons. This is achieved through the enforcement of security policies and the use of technologies such as multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, and the management of user permissions and privileges.

Can I connect data from third-party apps with Rippling?

Yes—Rippling Data Connectors let you sync your company’s third-party application data to Rippling and use it to:

  • Create reports that let you analyze employee data across your applications and calculate Formula Fields to create new data.
  • Create workflows that trigger actions based on events that happen in your third-party applications.
  • Initiate actions in third-party applications based on trigger events you set up in Rippling.

How does Rippling instantly provision user accounts to new hires?

Rippling uses API-based provisioning integrations to enable the creation, removal, and management of third-party application accounts directly through the Rippling Dashboard. With API integrations, setting up new user accounts can be done all at once, with one click—no need to login and provision each third-party application separately.

Does Rippling support multi-factor authentication?

Yes—Rippling comes pre-built with your choice of default authentication policies, some of which include a required MFA method. You also have the option to set up a custom authentication policy in Rippling, which can include an MFA requirement.