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4.9 Star Rating

Identity Management

Mission control for all your apps

Rippling provides one unified place to set up, manage, and disable all of your employee apps, like Google Workspace, Slack, and Office 365.


Add new hires to every app they need, all at once, with just one click.

Employee changes

Automatically keep employees’ HR data in sync with every app.


Disable departing employees’ apps with just one click.


Set up employees’ apps when they join

Automatically add new employees to every app they need, based on role, department, and more, so they’re ready to work on day one.

  • Add new users to Slack and Slack channels
  • Create new user accounts and aliases in Gmail
  • Give new users access to Dropbox and Dropbox folders


Disable employees’ apps when they leave

When you offboard employees with Rippling, you can automatically revoke their access to all of your company’s applications. You never have to remember to turn off their accounts.


Give employees one-click access to their apps with single sign-on

Rippling SSO makes your whole company more productive and protected by giving employees centralized, secure, one-click access to all of their apps right from the Rippling dashboard.

app management on iPad

Safely manage and share your passwords

RPass—Rippling’s built-in team password manager—allows employees to securely store and share their login credentials for any app or website, as well as:

  • Generate strong passwords and store them
  • Auto-fill passwords on apps and websites
  • Securely share credentials and 2FA codes
  • Instantly disable access when offboarding
Activity stream

See who used which app, when, and where

Rippling’s activity stream enables you to view employee app activity in real time, so you can easily examine:

  • Who granted access to which apps, and when
  • Who logged in to which apps, when, and where
  • Events by attendance, time, and location
  • Specific event types and actions
Product Details

The system of record for all your apps

90 seconds

Average time it takes to set up new hires in all essential apps

Onboarding app provisioning

Single sign-on (SSO)

Offboarding app deprovisioning

Team password manager

API, SAML, AD, & LDAP support

Mobile app

Activity reporting & 2FA


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