Cześć! Introducing Rippling’s engineering hub in Poland


Dec 15, 2021

Rippling is now in Warsaw, Poland!  It’s our second development center outside of San Francisco after Bengaluru, India, and is an important step towards building our $100 billion product dream with the world’s top engineering talent.

Our mission is to create an operating system for work, and achieving it takes a lot of work. Warsaw is a growing tech hub, home to a thriving community of developers, product owners, and entrepreneurs. We’re thrilled to join that community and connect with great engineers who will help lead our next stage of growth as the first way for businesses to manage all of their HR & IT—payroll, benefits, computers, apps, and more—in one unified workforce platform. 

We’ve raised a total of $450 Million, including $250 Million in Series-C funding at a $6.5B valuation in October 2021, and we have an exciting, ambitious roadmap ahead. Rippling has also featured in Y-Combinator's Top Companies List 2021 and was named one of America's best startup employers by Forbes (#12 out of 500).

Building the tech team in Poland

Poland has become a hub for tech talent in recent years. Tech giants like Google have set up new technology development centers, making Warsaw a cloud capital of Europe.

Rippling is more than 200 engineers strong overall and planning to grow its Warsaw team from one engineer to 10 engineers in the near term, and 100 engineers in the coming years. Rippling's Warsaw tech hub will focus initially on Rippling's Identity Management product, which uses Rippling's HR data to manage employee identity in more than 400 cloud services, such as Google Workspace, Slack, Dropbox, GitHub, AWS, etc. Over time, we'll build infrastructure and frontend teams out of Warsaw, with the goal to have the Warsaw hub be a full R&D center on par with Rippling's current hubs in San Francisco and Bangalore.

Why should you join Rippling?

Rippling has over 10 distinct product lines that have contributed to hypergrowth year-over-year. As we plan to build our presence in Poland from scratch, this is an incredible opportunity to work with talented people and learn alongside engineers from Google, Facebook, and other tech giants, including 12 former Y-Combinator founders.

We’re also a great place to hone entrepreneurship skills: Our massive product roadmap means every product is built and run by a small team of engineers that move fast and build software from the ground up. Our Engineering organization includes teams in Platform, Infrastructure, Device Management, Hardware, Apps, Product & Data Engineering, Security, Banking, and others.

Engineers love working here because there is less time in meetings and more time getting code shipped and getting things done. We have an engineering-first, "automate everything" culture and a bias towards speed and transparent and effective communication.

We are looking for engineers who will own the products end-to-end and quickly ship a high-quality, minimally-scoped v1. Then make it better and better.

Right now we’re looking to hire senior engineers and engineering managers in Poland; later in 2022, we'll employ more junior and mid-level engineers.

Join us to build innovative products alongside the world’s best engineers.

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