Contractor Management System

Effortlessly manage contractors, no matter where they are

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HR & Payroll System

Oversee your entire workforce in one place

Rippling enables you to house contractor data alongside the data of your full-time employees, and you can easily filter them out or assign them permissions that differ from those of other users in Rippling. This allows you to have a single directory for all of your workers so you can report on your entire workforce—including contractors—in Payroll, Time & Attendance, and even our IT features.


Contractor management, simplified

Payments to all contractor types

Rippling can house and pay individuals, sole proprietors and companies alike, whether domestic or international.


Data collection and storage

Track your contractors’ contact and payment information, documents, and any other information you’d like attached to their profile in Rippling.

Documents and e-signature

Gather e-signatures on a contractor’s W-9, consulting agreement, and any other company policies or NDAs required by your business.

Time tracking

If needed, contractors can track hours in Rippling by filling out an electronic timesheet or by clocking in and out using the Rippling app on their devices. Hours can be approved and then automatically synced to payroll.

Automatic payroll

Easily pay 1099 employees by the hour or at a set rate, and also add additional earning types, like expense reimbursements. Unlike with W-2 employees, Rippling will not take taxes out of your contractors’ earnings. Payments can be made via direct deposit or check.

1099 generation

At the end of the year, Rippling will automatically generate and distribute 1099 tax forms to your contractors. All current and past 1099 forms are stored in Rippling.

Apps and devices

By storing your contractors in Rippling, you can create accounts and passwords for all the business apps they need. You can even assign them company devices, like laptops, monitors, or other peripherals, as needed.

International payment

You can pay international contractors directly through Rippling, meaning you need just one system to pay all types of employees—wherever they are.

Control the complete contractor lifecycle


Easily set up your contractors by gathering all necessary information, documents, and e-signatures as part of Rippling’s paperless hiring process.


When a contractor parts ways, instantly close out their file in Rippling, send any necessary documents, and revoke access to all apps and accounts. All historical records are stored permanently in Rippling for future reference.

Converting 1099s to W-2s

If you decide to transition a contractor to a full-time employee, easily change their employment type and gather additional employment information and documents—like their W-4 and I-9—using Rippling’s prebuilt workflow.

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Rippling is a single platform that can help your business manage all of its employee data and operations, no matter its size.