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AKW Financial saves 20+hours/month after moving over to Rippling


hours saved a month running payroll


payroll run in 5-10 minutes


saved in billable hours for her clients


Des Moines, Iowa


Across the board


Small to medium-sized business

The Challenge

AKW Financial’s CEO needed a technology solution that could streamline her clients’ HR and financial processes, without creating mountains of work for her. As a past user of ADP and Quickbooks, she knew those solutions couldn’t deliver the right onboarding experience for her clients.

The Outcome

With Rippling, AKW can give its clients a powerful and easy-to-use solution that streamlines their processes and helps them scale quickly. Meanwhile, AKW’s CEO saves 20 hours a month by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks. That means more time for growing her own business.

AKW provides financial and business management services to small and medium-sized companies in every industry you can imagine, from technology to retail. AKW specializes in streamlining clients’ accounting, HR, payroll, benefits administration, tax services, and systems implementation so that they can scale. Clients come to April Pannell, AKW’s founder and CEO, to get their business up and running.

When starting her consulting business in 2019, April was looking for a technology solution that was a “one-stop-shop for HR and financial services that could support multiple app integrations.” In her former role as CFO, she was familiar with legacy platforms like ADP and Quickbooks, but neither quite hit the mark for her client’s new hire onboarding needs. 

After seeing the Rippling platform in action, April was really impressed by “the new hire onboarding, the time tracking, automation, and having one place for [clients] to go” as well as the look, feel, and overall efficiency of the Rippling platform. 

Rippling’s powerful client and new hire onboarding, and extensive integrations, made it possible for April’s robotics client to double in size over 6 months without needing to hire more people or move systems internally. “Just one person to do it all, in one system,” April says. “There’s no need to hire someone internally, Rippling has a really efficient and intuitive platform.”

Her client grew from 60 to 120 people without a hitch. “They were able to hire new employees, get them the appropriate documents, select what other integrated apps they would have access to and enroll them immediately,” April says. 

Another feature that makes April stand out to her clients is the ease of Rippling’s client onboarding.  “Most people who come to me are on ADP or Quickbooks, and they come to me for a better solution—the migration process is so easy, I don’t have to lift a finger.” 

Now that her clients are fully ramped onto Rippling’s payroll system, April is experiencing serious time savings. “It takes me 5 minutes to do payroll for 100 employees,” April says. The result? April saves 20+ hours a month. That means more time for growing her business, and less time doing manual tasks.   

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