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How Enterpret gets a competitive edge by scaling globally with Rippling


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The Challenge

Enterpret were expanding internationally. They needed a global workforce management platform that would scale with them—to prevent HR and IT work from compounding over time.

The Outcome

By onboarding Rippling, Enterpret unlocked their ability to scale globally. They now save time and easily navigate the complexities of managing employees in multiple locations

When your company expands globally, you need scalable systems. If you don’t put these in place, your HR and IT work will mount up—slowing you down, just when your momentum is starting to build.

This is top of mind for Varun Sharma, CEO of Enterpret. This fast-growing startup builds customer feedback analytics for product teams, and they’re going global— beginning with an expansion from India into the US.

As they enter a new phase of growth, Sharma can’t let time-wasting administrative tasks drag his team down. “As a founder, you want to spend most of your time focused on your team, your customers, and building the product,” he says.

Sharma was looking for an HRIS, mobile device management, and password management that would scale with the company—and he didn’t expect to find them in a single platform.

Rippling is the G Suite of global workforce management

“I was evaluating HRIS solutions and IT solutions in parallel,” recalls Sharma. “Rippling was on both shortlists.”

After doing some due diligence, Sharma decided to go all in on Rippling. “We talked to a few founders who were using Rippling,” he says. “The reputation it had was very good. From talking to the Sales team and then to other founders, I got enough validation that I could trust the system.”

For Sharma, having everything in one single platform was a no-brainer.

“Imagine if G Suite was not G Suite and just Gmail,” he explains. “Then you’d have a different vendor for calendar, a different vendor for Google Drive… You can do that. But the fact that it’s all connected makes it so much easier. It just works. That’s how I think about Rippling.”

Expanding from India to the US with Rippling

Sharma spearheaded Enterpret’s expansion from India to the US—he even moved to the US himself. When he relocated, he was able to put Rippling’s global features to the test, and was pleasantly surprised that it all took less than 15 minutes.

Sharma needed to offboard himself as an employee based in India, and then re-onboard himself as a US-based employee. The prospect of all that paperwork was daunting: Sharma was anticipating a mountain of tedious administrative work, and coordinating with several different stakeholders.

“I was dreading doing it, I was mentally prepared for 10-12 hours of work,” admits Sharma. “Before Rippling, I would have had to talk to my HR and Finance team in India to offboard myself from India. I would have had to ask our HR team in the US to set me up as a US employee, send the documentation, do the verification, set up my payroll, insurance, and all of that.”

“I sat down and changed myself into a Rippling US employee, did my I-9 verifications myself, and was able to set up insurance for myself and my wife,” recalls Sharma. “I gave myself a start date, set up myself for payroll, and validated my payroll. I was able to do it for myself in 15 minutes—it was surprising and delightful, and inspirational,” enthuses Sharma.

Experiencing Rippling’s global functionality first-hand made Sharma realize how Rippling could simplify Enterpret’s global expansion.

“Your time is your biggest resource,” emphasizes Sharma, “so the fact that I can offboard myself in India and onboard myself in the US in 15 minutes—and know that all my other applications are connected to Rippling as well—that to me was the ‘a-ha moment.’”

“As a founder of a company, that’s the experience I want my users to have.”

Everything, everywhere, all in one place

Enterpret’s employees and contractors—both in India and the US—are all managed within Rippling, giving Sharma a single source of truth for global employee data. Enterpret’s device management and IT security are also handled within Rippling.

In Sharma’s words: “With Rippling, one thing connects my major business systems.”

“I can trust that our employees are getting paid on time, and our devices are secure,” he says. “And I don’t have to coordinate with 10 different vendors on 10 different things. No one has time for that. You end up overpaying, and the systems don’t talk to each other.”

Time and headcount savings that increase as your company scales

Before Rippling, Enterpret had been losing hours every week on routine HR and IT tasks, and on maintaining different disconnected systems.

“It adds up to a very significant amount of company time, which can be better allocated to serving your customers and growing the business—not just making sure the system is working properly,” says Sharma.

“Rippling just works,” Sharma says. “It has the compounding benefit of efficiency and time of all these workflows, which every company has to do.”

Not only does having a single platform save money and time, it also saves headspace. As Sharma puts it: “I don’t have to spend mental bandwidth on monitoring yet another system.”

Onward to further global expansion with Rippling

Enterpret plans to expand more in India, and is also looking ahead to further global expansion—with Rippling supporting every step of the way.

“Being able to hire, and hire employees in compliance with local laws anywhere in the world, make sure they’re getting paid, and give them benefits…that is going to be a big way Rippling can support Enterpret as it scales,” enthuses Sharma.

And, as every growing business knows, it’s crucial to iron out time-wasting processes before you move into hypergrowth.

“If Rippling can be in one place, with the right amount of controls, that’s very powerful,” concludes Sharma. “That gives you a big competitive edge.”

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