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How Frogslayer’s IT department automates employee onboarding and device management with Rippling


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The Challenge

Frogslayer was growing quickly and needed to automate its IT processes without increasing headcount. Employee onboarding and device management were slow, prone to error, and hard to scale.

The Outcome

By rolling out Rippling’s app and device management, Frogslayer eliminated manual processes, resulting in fewer open tickets and no need to grow their IT team.

Frogslayer is growing fast. The Texas-based custom software development firm partners with mid-market leaders to rapidly design, build, and scale mission-critical, time-sensitive software projects. As Frogslayer scales, they need to automate as many manual tasks as possible—which is how Brian Cahill, Frogslayer’s Head of IT, found Rippling.

One of Cahill’s goals is to help the company scale by driving efficiency. “I’ve spent a lot of my IT career moving organizations out of firefighting mode,” says Cahill. “I like researching and implementing new things, and finding the next cool new technology.”

Cahill needed to automate manual processes, from onboarding new employees to remotely managing their devices, without increasing headcount or diluting the quality of the employee experience.

Wasting time on busy work

When Frogslayer first started, managing devices was slow, time-consuming, and error-prone. A member of the IT team had to purchase machines, manually set up software, and ship them to employees. As the company scaled, it became clear that these inefficient processes would waste more and more of IT’s time and give new employees a slow start.

“We want to make sure our employees get a top-notch experience,” explains Cahill. If IT is bogged down with busy work, employees notice it in extended times to get the support they need.

One platform to rule them all

“When I research, I find all the vendors and do a software matrix comparison of all the features,” explains Cahill. He researched Okta, JumpCloud, Ping, and Oracle, and compared them to their existing use of Microsoft.

Then in 2020, when Frogslayer’s HR team noticed that Rippling had IT products, Cahill added Rippling to his research matrix. He found that Rippling did everything they were using Microsoft for, with one crucial advantage: Rippling’s IT products are tightly integrated with the HR system.

Frogslayer also needed LDAP to authenticate internal apps and RADIUS for WiFi authentication. Both of these came with Rippling and were easy to configure—unlike Microsoft, which requires standing up separate servers.

Quick and painless rollout

With HR and IT running on the same platform, Frogslayer had the potential to streamline numerous internal processes, so they went all in on Rippling. They rolled out Ripping’s app management and device management, and migrated their single sign-on (SSO) and devices into it.

With some careful planning and implementation, and the fact Rippling was easy to configure, users didn’t notice a thing. And because Rippling configuration is simple to understand, Cahill could save even more time: “You don’t have to create a wiki page, or a doc that says ‘here’s how to create a user in the system.’”

Cutting out cumbersome onboarding tasks

Frogslayer’s HR, IT, and admin staff no longer have to waste hours going through every onboarding task.

“Employee downtime is lower because my technician is spending more time on tech support and less time on manual onboarding steps,” says Cahill.

Offboarding is more fully integrated, too. Azure AD only went as far as switching off a user’s authentication, whereas Rippling goes in and changes account details, like removing licenses.

Spending more time on strategic work

Since deploying Rippling, there are fewer tickets, so IT staff spend less time creating accounts and setting up devices. Cahill and his team have more time to focus on their most strategic work.

Cahill is no longer surprised when HR hires new employees—he is able to purchase new devices well in advance of them joining and ensure a new employee hiring experience that is smooth, timely, and easy to customize.

“Each time we roll out new software I am impressed by how easy Rippling makes the integration process,” says Cahill. “Rippling is constantly improving and releasing new features each month, and I’m always looking forward to the next innovation.”

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