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How NuvoAir doubled its global workforce while reducing onboarding time with Rippling


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cost savings when switching Canadian employees to Rippling


more employees hired globally—while maintaining a two-person HR team


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The Challenge

NuvoAir employed most of its workforce in Europe, but eyed expansion into North America. The company used separate systems—including Gusto for the US and another EOR for Canada—to manage employees on both continents. However, this needed manual intervention (like using spreadsheets) to gather disparate workforce data. As NuvoAir scaled, its People Ops Specialist sought a single source of truth for her global team.

The Outcome

Since using Rippling, NuvoAir has gained 40 new employees, quadrupled its engineering staff, and switched headquarters from Stockholm to Boston. Onboarding times shrank from weeks to days as the two-person HR team managed the growing global workforce with fewer headaches and more visibility.

NuvoAir is a medical technology company designed to improve treatment options and team-based care for patients with heart and lung ailments. According to data from a pilot program, NuvoAir’s implementation led to an 80% decrease in patient hospitalizations and a 60% decrease in exacerbated symptoms. The company was founded in Stockholm, Sweden but sought to break into the North American healthcare market. Expansion meant hiring more US and Canadian employees, which initially involved dealing with a hodgepodge of payroll and employee management tools that weren’t cohesive.

“We had people on Gusto and then on a different payroll software in Europe,” said Val Anselmi, NuvoAir’s People Ops Specialist, before adding that she manually updated spreadsheets to corral her team’s data, which was spread across multiple systems. “We used Google Drive to store documents. It was very scrappy.”

Managing all employees under the same roof with Rippling

NuvoAir first started using Rippling in 2021, when the company wanted a PEO for its US employees to replace its existing system, Gusto. Once they implemented it, they realized it was also the perfect HR platform for their European and Canadian employees, so they switched them over, too. Now, their entire global workforce receives offer letters, completes training, and requests time off through a single software solution.

“We use Rippling as a centralized source of truth so that we can keep track of everyone’s compensation, onboarding, and offboarding information,” Val said. “We love to have everyone in one spot instead of across different software. It’s so much better than other systems. Even just for benefits and compensation, there’s so much visibility Rippling offers that other companies don’t.”

Val appreciates that Rippling allows her to store data on her employees’ profiles, enroll them in benefits, send updated documents, sync their time off with their managers, and more. She also said NuvoAir’s employees prefer using Rippling for all HR functions—from onboarding to offboarding—instead of constantly toggling between platforms.

A better solution for Canadian employees

NuvoAir initially hired its Canadian employees through another EOR provider but grew frustrated with its limitations, including glacial onboarding times. According to Val, the whole process happened over email and there could be a hold-up at every step. She spent longer than she wanted waiting to get employee agreements, approve them, and get new hires to sign them. “Because there’s so much back and forth, they tell you to plan at least two weeks for onboarding,” she said.

Val also had to submit a ticket with support to make any changes to employee data or payroll, such as when supervisors gave raises. She often waited five to seven business days to get any changes approved. “We had no visibility whatsoever in terms of payroll changes,” she said.

So the second Val heard Rippling launched its EOR service, NuvoAir switched all its Canadian EOR employees over to Rippling. The company immediately saved on costs by paying only two-thirds of the price, all while gaining more control over payroll changes and reducing onboarding times by 90%. With NuvoAir’s Canadian employees managed and paid through Rippling EOR, “It feels way more like they’re part of the same company, versus having them on another platform,” Val said. “From a software and benefit perspective, they just go through the same workflow that everyone else goes through.”

Val said it takes 20 to 30 minutes to go through the Rippling onboarding workflow. Including getting the new hire to sign an offer letter, she can typically wrap up onboarding within two days.

Global expansion, without a bloated HR staff

Before using Rippling products, NuvoAir had 35 employees. Since switching to Rippling, the staff has grown to 75, with a workforce spread throughout Europe and North America. The company also followed through on its aim to expand into the US healthcare market, switching its headquarters from Stockholm to Boston.

And NuvoAir did it all while maintaining a lean, two-person HR staff.

Val said that Rippling lets her team automate processes instead of hiring more HR employees, helping the company save money and focus on scaling its business. By using Rippling PEO and EOR, the company offloads complicated HR tasks related to compliance, benefits administration, payroll, and taxes in most of the countries where NuvoAir employees live.

Reports, workflows, and other standout Rippling features

NuvoAir’s HR and finance teams use Rippling’s deep

well of features to save time and make smart, data-backed decisions. Using Rippling’s reports, HR gives metrics to the board once a month on headcount,
attrition rate, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

The company also uses custom fields to track employees’ dietary restrictions for in-person events, emergency contacts, work equipment preferences, and equity grants (which became a lot easier after ditching manual spreadsheets).

Val also appreciates Rippling’s finer details that speed up her workday. She likes how time-off requests automatically appear as invites on managers’ calendars, so they know when people are on vacation. She also likes how she can instantly find an employee’s tenure on their profile.

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