Customer Spotlight

Nonprofit Open Door Legal expands HR & Finance capabilities while reducing overhead


less time spent onboarding


less time spent on accounts provisioning


San Francisco, California



Implementation time

6 weeks

The Challenge

The finance team at Open Door Legal needed to get a lot more done in less time, but adding more team members or more tools wasn’t the most efficient solution.

The Outcome

By leveraging Rippling’s technology, the team was able to dramatically increase their capabilities while keeping overhead costs low.

Open Door Legal is a service organization, and therefore “payroll is 80 percent of our budget,” says Rachel Mellby, Director of Finance at the San Francisco-based nonprofit. “It always will be."

A small team of HR and Finance staff is responsible for managing a large group of employees and volunteers, and all their associated payroll and paperwork. Rachel needed a single platform that could handle payroll processing as well as benefits distribution so that she didn’t need to rely on multiple tools and vendors, which only added to the small team’s already full plates.

Speedy and supportive customer support

When Rachel got a “scary notice about a tax filing from the IRS,” she submitted a ticket to Rippling’s support team to ask how to handle it. “The support team is very, very responsive,” she says. “That's probably one of the biggest drivers that's satisfied us compared to [other platforms].”

It’s unfortunately true that many platforms reserve their white glove service only for high-paying customers. “I very much feel like the support being offered for our size and scale is significantly better,” says Rachel.

At the same time, Rachel is comfortable doing a lot of troubleshooting herself, so she’s grateful for Rippling’s comprehensive, user-friendly Help Center. “There's a lot we've been able to figure out on our own before even submitting a ticket, which I appreciate.”

Ultimately, Rachel and her team were able to invest all the time and money they saved from managing multiple payroll and benefits systems into growing their organization strategically. They can now focus their efforts on hiring more staff to provide the legal services they exist to offer.

“We’re the only legal aid [essential business] that kept our physical doors open during the pandemic,” says Rachel. “We were able to keep hiring and growing, so that vulnerable San Franciscans can continue to get the help they need.”

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