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Make it easy to manage your IT

Effortlessly manage employees' apps, devices, data, and security—no matter where they are—in one unified system

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


One IT platform to rule them all

Rippling brings all your IT systems and HR data together. So you can easily manage everyone's IT—from onboarding to offboarding.


Why run your IT on Rippling?

Set up new hires 10x faster

Rippling’s next-generation workflow automation allows anyone—from HR to IT—to fully set up employee’s computers and apps in just 90 seconds.

Quickly secure your company

Deploy security best practices across your apps and devices in minutes. Just toggle on a security feature, like SSO, and customize it to fit your needs.

Simplify compliance, like SOC

Rippling lets you implement the security protocols—and pull the audit data—required for SOC, GDPR, and other compliance standards. All in a few clicks.

Bring IT and HR together

Only Rippling connects all your HR and IT data to one employee record, right out of the box. That way all your HR and IT systems stay in sync, automatically.


Onboard new hires in seconds—100% remotely

Set up employee’s computers, work apps, and more in 90 seconds—whenever HR hires a new employee. That way, new hires can be productive Day 1. The best part? You can spend all that time you get back on strategic work, instead of busywork.

Buy, set up, and deploy computers

Provision apps—from Slack to Zoom

Enable single sign-on (SSO)

Enforce security policies

Update user groups


Everything you need to manage your people’s apps, devices, and security

App & Identity Management

Set up employee’s apps in seconds—from Slack to Salesforce—and tightly control their access to all your systems and data.


App Provisioning & Deprovisioning


Single Sign-On (SSO)


Team Password Management


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


App Activity Audit Log


Lifecycle Management & Automation

Device & Inventory Management

From setting up computers for new hires to device storage and tracking, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your fleet of devices—100% remotely.


Set up and deploy computers in 90 seconds


Automatically enroll and deprovision devices


Purchase, update, track, lock, and wipe devices


Enforce Pre-Built & Custom Security Rules


Detect Device Threats in Real-Time


Remotely Store & Ship Inventory (Add-On)

Rippling Unity

Connect all of your systems, devices, and third-party apps to one source of truth for employee data, reporting, workflow automation, and more.


Unified Workforce Directory


Unified Groups & Permissions


Unified Workflow Automation


Unified Document Management


Unified Analytics


Custom Fields & Mapping

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Powerful security and compliance controls

Enforce next-generation security practices across your company in minutes, simply by toggling on Rippling’s pre-built security features. Advanced users, like IT admins, can go one step further by creating custom rules and reports.

Activity Audit Logs

Compliance Reporting

End-to-End Offboarding

Behavioral Detection Rules

Custom Workflows & Policies

Password & MFA Enforcement

Rippling Unity

Say goodbye to disconnected systems, data, and workflows

Rippling Unity—our core platform—connects all of your IT systems to one source of truth for employee data, so a change in Rippling changes everything. And with unified workflow automation, analytics, permissions, and policies, you can orchestrate actions across all of your systems, right from Rippling.

Learn more: Rippling Unity


Automate away your manual workflows and approval processes

Businesses spend more than 60% of their time on administrative busy work. That’s why we built Workflow Studio. It lets you easily automate complex workflows right from your desk, with zero code.


Detect IT issues faster and simplify audits with unified analytics

Rippling’s unified analytics system allows you to create, visualize, and share custom reports using every piece of employee data across your company—whether it was added by HR or IT. Easily report on things like:

Device Performance

SOC 2 Audit Requirements

App Activity & Events

Active Threats


Fully automate group management and policy enforcement

Unlike other systems, Rippling automatically gives the right people access to the right devices, apps, email lists, Slack channels, policies, and more thanks to Rippling Supergroups.

Hyper-custom groups

Define granular groups based on any employee data like work location and department, LMS courses taken, device CPU usage, and even app data like people who closed more than 100 Zendesk tickets this month.

Dynamic group lists

Membership lists are dynamic and always up-to-date in Rippling. No matter what employee changes happen, you can rest assured that policies and distribution lists will always apply to exactly the right people. Which means you can say goodbye to manual updates.

Automatic policy enforcement

From sending automated reminders to non-compliant employees, to blocking them from entering a building until they update their COVID vaccination status, Rippling helps take policies to the next level by giving IT dynamic lists and the workflow and reporting tools needed to easily drive employee action.

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 2 or 2,000.