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Comply effortlessly with all payroll forms and tax filings

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Automatically calculate, withhold, and pay taxes

Rippling calculates all your taxes and submits your tax forms and payments automatically. The platform monitors tax laws at the federal, state, and local levels to ensure total compliance for your organization.

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Additional complexity where you need it

Rippling Payroll comes prebuilt with all the standard wage types and deductions. It also allows you to create custom pay codes so you can specify the tax rules. You can even include as many earnings as you’d like on a paycheck, and they will each be taxed according to the rules you set.

Easily collect and manage withholdings for employees

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Paperless form collection

When employees are onboarded through Rippling, they receive up-to-date W-4s and state tax forms that they can complete electronically. Employees can also easily update their tax forms at any time through the Rippling website or mobile app.


Automatic sync to payroll

Employee withholdings automatically flow into payroll, so you’ll never need to manually enter withholding amounts. Rippling also correctly calculates and deducts all taxes from employee paychecks, saving you valuable time.


Digital storage

Rippling stores electronic copies of all employee tax forms for reference or audit purposes. They’re all attached to an employee’s profile—even after termination—so you’ll only ever need to look in one place for any form.

Effortlessly complete tax filings

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Payroll forms

Rippling automatically files your quarterly 941s, annual W-3s, new hire reporting, and state-specific tax forms. For your employees, Rippling creates year-end W-2s that employees can download directly from Rippling.


ACA documents

Rippling automates ACA filing by generating your company’s 1094-C for the IRS and 1095-Cs for your employees.



At the end of the year, Rippling will automatically generate and distribute 1099 tax forms to your contractors. All current and past 1099 forms remain stored in Rippling.

Compare pay runs to pinpoint changes

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Tax limits

Have you ever had an employee ask why their taxes changed? Rippling highlights tax limits directly in payroll, so you know exactly when an employee hits their State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) or Social Security wage limit.

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Payroll comparisons

Follow changes throughout Rippling and know how they’ve affected payroll. For example, you can easily identify when and who added a bonus to a paycheck, spot employee benefit enrollment changes, and even see where Rippling has prorated a new hire’s salary.

Have a single source of truth for all payroll data

All payroll records at your fingertips

As your full-service payroll provider, Rippling stores all of your critical payroll documents in one place so they are available instantly from anywhere. Unlike other providers, Rippling does not have a storage limit and will never purge or archive your employee or company payroll documents, like individual paystubs and historical payroll registers.


With Rippling’s reporting tools, you can create custom reports on all of your payroll and tax data, plus HR and IT. You can easily build advanced reports that include formulas, charts, and dynamic date ranges without needing to use any coding languages. You can also instantly share reports with customizable access for any user or group to download them as spreadsheets.

Restricted access to all of your data

Create your own custom permissions to ensure that confidential payroll information is available only to the appropriate people. Grant limited access to third-party administrators—like your accountant or an auditor—so you don’t need to manually download and email the reports.


Get 1:1 support through HR Help Desk

Staying compliant is a challenge, and chances are you don’t have time to keep up with all the changing laws. Rippling’s HR Help Desk offering takes the guesswork out of payroll compliance, with a full content library, proactive alerts whenever laws change, a living handbook builder, access to HR and Payroll Advisors, and more. You’ll be more confident about tackling HR and compliance with expert resources to back you.

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