The workplace platform

Rippling Unity

Manage and automate all your workforce operations in one place — onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between


Everything you need to easily manage a global workforce—in one place


Global Employee Graph

A single source of truth for all of the workforce data across your company.


Global Org Chart

View all your employees and contractors around the world—and their data—in one place.

Global Workforce Analytics

Easily report on every piece of employee data across your company in one unified analytics system that's powerful without being overpowering.


Workflow & Employee Lifecycle Automation

Rippling automates over 1,000 day-to-day workflows right out-of-the-box for onboarding, day-to-day employee management, and offboarding. From delivering offer letters to new hires to issuing corporate cards to ordering computers for new hires.


Role-Based Permission Management

Automatically control what systems people can access and what data they can view and change within those systems based on any role attribute, like their team, level, or location.


Role-Based Approval Management

Automatically route approval requests to the right people, at the right time, across everything from salary changes to reimbursement requests to device orders based on any role attribute.


Role-Based Policy Management

Create and automatically enforce nearly any HR, IT, or Finance policy you can think of in one place — from PTO to expense to app access policies — based on any role attribute.


Advanced Document Management

Digitize and templatize any document in minutes — from offer letters to NDAs to severance agreements — and automatically trigger them based on any employee event.


Automated Compliance Management (Compliance 360)

Rippling keeps an eye out for potential time, labor, and other compliance infractors and not only notifies you of potential issues—but helps you quickly remediate them.


Compensation Bands

Ensure consistent, equitable compensation across your company by creating pre-defined salary and equity ranges based on employee's level, role, and more.


Vacation & Leave Management

Easily track and view time-off data.

Auto-Localization for 150+ Countries

Rippling automatically delivers the right information from your employees based on work location and localizes every field — like currency, date format, and holiday fields — for over 150 countries.


Workflow Studio (Onboarding Events Only)

Automate actions related to onboarding with our no-code "IF --> THEN" workflow builder. You can trigger email notifications and tasks based on any new hire's start date.


Everything in Core, plus:


Workflow Studio (Any Employee Event)

Automate almost anything with our no-code "IF-->THEN" workflow builder. You can trigger actions based on nearly any employee event in your company — like sending an email notification, Slack message, or calendar reminder on a new hires start date.


10 Custom Workflows

Add up to 10 powerful, conditional workflows


10 Formula Fields

Leverage up to 10 Formula Fields to derive new values from existing Rippling data, and use them in Reports, Workflows, and more

10 Advanced Reports

Create up to 10 Advanced Reports that let you join data from 3 or more sources, or leverage a Report Formula


Everything in Pro, plus:

Unlimited Workflows

Add unlimited powerful, conditional workflows. Unlimited tier includes the ability to trigger actions in 3rd-party systems via webhooks

Unlimited Formula Fields

Leverage unlimited Formula Fields to derive new values from existing Rippling data, and use them in  Reports, Workflows, and more

Unlimited Advanced Reports

Create unlimited Advanced Reports that let you join data from 3 or more sources, or leverage a Report Formula.


Start actions in 3rd-party systems via open APIs (i.e. webhooks)


Everything in Unlimited, plus:

Rippling API

Read and access your company's data via API