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Safely manage and share your employee passwords

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Increased employee productivity

RPass—Rippling’s built-in team password manager—makes your whole company more productive and protected by giving employees centralized, secure, one-click access to all of their apps right from the Rippling dashboard.

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Advanced security, simplified

Rippling employs multiple advanced features to help your organization decrease the risk of a cyber attack. And unlike other single sign-on (SSO) systems, Rippling can leverage other HR data in the platform to detect and block suspicious login behavior.


Strengthened passwords

Complex passwords can be hard to remember. Rippling allows your employees to remember just one password that meets your security requirements—making their lives easier while keeping your organization more secure.


Two-factor identification

Rippling supports two-factor identification, adding another layer of security to all of your company apps and systems by requiring an additional login credential—beyond just username and password.

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Behavioral detection of login attempts

Because Rippling understands who your employees are, it can provide additional security that other single sign-on web apps can’t—like detecting abnormal login behavior.


Geographic and time restrictions

Rippling understands which travel scenarios are possible and which are not, and uses that logic to flag and restrict suspicious login attempts. So while an employee could not log in from Los Angeles and Moscow in a 12-hour period, they could log in from San Francisco in the morning and New York that night.


Protecting mission critical applications

Rippling supports full configurability to fit your company’s specific restriction rules. For example, custom rules in Rippling can allow an employee to log into Expensify at any time while restricting them from logging into AWS after business hours from a state they don’t work in.

Automated app management

Throughout the employee lifecycle, Rippling automates everything surrounding identity management and user provisioning. That means employees don’t need to waste their time or the IT department’s by repeatedly asking for new accounts, password resets, and more.



Rippling automatically adds new employees to every app they need—based on role, department, and a variety of other factors—so they’re ready to work on day one.


When you offboard employees with Rippling, you can automatically revoke their access to all of your company’s applications. You never have to remember to turn off their accounts.

Everything in between

Rippling automatically keeps employees’ HR data in sync with every app they use. For example, if an employee gets promoted and needs access to new apps, Rippling will automatically take care of account creation and provisioning.

Login details saved to employee records

In the case of any third-party apps that can’t support an SSO solution, Rippling saves an employee’s username and password so they’re connected to the employee record and can be included in all automated workflows—like instantly revoking access when an employee is terminated.

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