Rippling vs. Justworks: What’s the difference?

Rippling is the only PEO that unifies all your siloed HR, IT, and Finance systems into one, easy-to-use platform—so you can fully automate your most repetitive busy work across every system, like payroll, benefits, time tracking, app and device management, and more.

Why do companies choose Rippling over Justworks?

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The only PEO built for scale

Rippling is a technology company first, meaning we offer all the services of other PEOs while also providing automation software that seamlessly connects all of your HR and IT systems. And if you outgrow the PEO, you can switch to Rippling’s Unified Workforce Platform quickly and painlessly.

Rippling handles 100% of your SUTA

One of the top reasons a business joins a PEO is to automate the tedious admin work. But Justworks only registers for state unemployment tax accounts in 29 states. That means if you hire employees in any of the other 21 states, you will have to register and maintain those accounts. Rippling sets up and manages not only all SUTA accounts, but all local tax accounts, too.

Powerful payroll and reporting capabilities

Justworks has limited payroll functionality. For example, you can't edit your current pay run with commissions, reimbursements, or bonuses. Rippling, on the other hand, lets you update any pay run at any time. In Justworks, you're also limited to out-of-the-box reports, so if you wanted to see employees and their dependents enrolled in benefits, you'd have to ask Support to build that report for you. In Rippling you can build any report you can think of.

We're winning across the industry


We started off with Justworks, but quickly realized that Rippling offered a superior product. Being a remote community without an in-house HR person, Rippling PEO just made sense. It provides a more complete, personal experience for our employees.

Samantha Strube, VP of People at Encamp


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Now that Rippling does state tax registration automatically, I don’t even have to think about it…it’s seamless.

Hayley Trace, Senior People Business Partner at Qualio

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saved on annual benefits costs

What we’re hearing from customers

Colby H., CEO

Rippling centralized all HR & benefits into one simple to use place. The PEO saves us thousands a year on insurance costs. Rippling also always continues to add more compatible apps to the platform. Honestly, this is a wonderful platform and far better than any other platform I've used including ADP, & Trinet.

Caleb M., Controller

Rippling is finally the one-stop-shop for all HR automation. It's all online (as it should be) and incredibly user-friendly. It is BOTH Payroll and HR and is reasonably priced.

Laura L., COO

Rippling is easy to use! For a small business where our COO wears many hats, it reduces the amount of time that it takes to perform basic but necessary tasks. Integrating expenses and 401(k) with payroll has been a time saver beyond compare.

Nicole K., Operations Manager

I love how helpful the onboarding team was. In general I have never had a question that I didn't get help solving. The tools available and the integrations make this system very valuable to me and my staff.

See how we stack up

See how Rippling compares to Justworks and learn how to get rid of your most tedious HR, IT, and Finance busy work with our unified system—from onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between.