Introducing Rippling + BrightHire: Better, more efficient interviewing


Aug 22, 2023

With talent at a premium and hiring teams being asked to do more with less, it can be hard to make high-quality hiring decisions efficiently. Often, fast-moving companies find themselves struggling with an inconsistent, slow hiring process, spending hours interviewing far too many candidates before making a hire, only to make hires that don’t work out—all of which costs time and money, and leads to hiring team burnout. 

One of the best ways to make better, more efficient hiring decisions is to improve your interviews. That’s why we’re excited to announce our integration with BrightHire, the leading interview intelligence platform that helps hiring teams save substantial time, make better hiring decisions, and deliver a great candidate experience.

Save time and streamline interviews

Brighthire handles recording, transcribing, and writing AI-powered interview notes from phone and video interviews, so you can completely focus on the candidate. BrightHire even shows you what interview questions to ask, so interviewers can always stay on track.

Automatically add BrightHire links to interviews

Once you link your Brighthire account to Rippling Recruiting, BrightHire will seamlessly join and record the right interview with one click. You decide which departments or roles you’d like to record, and BrightHire does the rest. 

Your candidates can join the interview as they normally would via Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams, and BrightHire will automatically join to record and transcribe the conversation. After the interview, hiring teams can easily access the interview recording, transcript, and AI-powered interview notes and candidate highlights.

Sign in to BrightHire faster and more securely via single sign-on (SSO)

Keep your accounts protected with SSO, which can be configured for BrightHire users upon app setup. Your talent team can now sign into their BrightHire account directly through the Rippling dashboard.

To get started, download the BrightHire app from the Rippling App Store.

last edited: August 22, 2023

The Author

Brad Armstrong

SVP of Business and Corporate Development

As a member of the executive team, Brad leads Rippling’s partnerships, ecosystem development, and M&A teams.