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April 20, 2023

Over 50% of the US workforce is hourly or project-based, yet many HR leaders are still stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to finding the right technology solution for Time & Attendance. 

Generally, you have 2 options, none of which are ideal:

  1. Use a stand-alone T&A provider that can provide a deep level of time tracking functionality, but still spend hours on administrative busywork like reconciling hours with payroll and building employee profiles in two separate systems.
  2. Use a clunky, all-in-one system that integrates T&A with payroll, but lacks the configurability you need to build custom policies unique to your business. 

To date, we’ve solved the first problem by partnering with the best T&A solutions out there like Deputy, Tsheets, Homebase, and When I Work. We’ve built deep integrations with them to automatically sync approved hours directly into each payrun and eliminate manual errors.

For customers who need specialized products to run their business, we’re invested in continuing to grow our app ecosystem (with over 500+ app partners already) because we know it’s a big reason why you love Rippling.

However, we realize there are a lot of companies out there that desire a fully integrated option. Where employees can clock-in, submit PTO, view their paychecks and W2’s in one single system and that eliminates the administrative headaches multiple systems can create.

That’s why we’ve built Rippling Time & Attendance, to automate the entire employee time tracking process from clock-in to paycheck. It empowers you to create automated workflows that resolve issues before they happen and build custom policies to manage time your way. 

Here’s what sets it apart from other T&A systems:

Powerful customization options let you build policies for the way you work

With Rippling, you’re always in control over the rules and logic for time tracking, so you can customize the system to fit your companies’ precise needs — from creating your own custom pay types and job codes to overtime and break policies.  

Since Rippling enables you to build out your org chart and company holiday schedule in one place, you can create new policies and have them apply to every employee, without the need to import any new information. You can even configure Rippling to automatically send a notification of the new policy to all employees.

For example, if an employee gets promoted to shift manager and becomes a new approver of time cards, Rippling will automatically change their permissions and grant them the appropriate access once you update your org chart. 

Or, in a few clicks you can automatically apply overtime pay anytime an employee works on company holidays, as specified by your holiday calendar in Rippling. 

Automated workflows give you full visibility and control

We also keep an eye on every time card so you don't have to. Every HR leader’s biggest nightmare when it comes to time and attendance is an unexpected crisis: rising overtime costs, compliance violations, or unapproved timesheets. 

Just set up your workflows once, and Rippling will notify you and your team before issues arise—like when an employee is approaching overtime. We even help automate the approval process.

For example: you can automatically send an alert via email or our mobile app to an employees’ supervisor 10 minutes before they start accruing double overtime pay. And then, if they don’t approve, auto-clock them out.

Built-in functionality to keep your workplace safe and compliant

Staying on top of every state and local labor compliance laws can quickly bury your team in administrative busywork. That’s why we’ve pre-built every state’s minimum wage, overtime, and break policies into our product.

In fact, whenever you hire a worker in a new state, default overtime and break policies are automatically created and enforced based on that state’s policies so you are never at risk for financial penalties.

And you can even create custom reports that leverage T&A specific variables like missed breaks, gross overtime pay, or timecard change history to run comprehensive compliance audits.

Lastly, the scope of workplace safety has expanded dramatically since the pandemic and we realize it’s one of the top strategic priorities for any HR Leader. We’re excited to be able to deliver a touchless clock-in experience to our customers at launch, particularly with our kiosk app.

Via our QR code option, you can have employees safely scan a QR code on our kiosk and clock-in on their own mobile device while ensuring they are physically on-site and prevent buddy punching from occurring. 

Seamlessly integrated with payroll and HRIS to eliminate manual errors 

We know that payroll delays or errors can have disastrous financial consequences for your hourly workforce, especially during these times where 52% of hourly workers have $0 in emergency savings and 76% have already missed or delayed a bill payment. 

These errors are probably more common than you think. A report on engaging employees through payroll found that 82 million Americans are impacted by payroll issues each year. 

Using an all-in-one solution for payroll, HR, and T&A like Rippling ensures payroll is accurate and delivered on time, as approved hours are automatically synced to payroll. That means no more entering hours manually, data syncing issues, or late approvals from supervisors. 

This is going to save accountants so much time during their busiest time of year. With integrated time tracking, Rippling makes even the most complex payroll needs painless. Businesses are going to love the reporting visibility on hours and the automatic notifications when workers exceed their hours

Scott Orn

COO of Kruze Consulting

You’ll be able to configure automated reminders to all approvers of time to ensure employee hours are approved before each payroll deadline. You can even automatically trigger multiple approval chains or specify a new approver in the case the main approver is on PTO.

When you run payroll, admins can review and approve necessary timecards right inside a pay run to avoid payment delays. And since we log exactly which hours have been paid out, in the chance there are any hours that get added after a payroll run has been approved you’ll immediately be alerted so you can create an off-cycle pay run to resolve the issue.

Once you run payroll, you can leverage our integrations with accounting systems like NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Xero, and Quickbooks Online to automatically post a journal entry into your general ledger (GL) with all the data mapped exactly the way you need it to be. 

Using Rippling, the entire time tracking process is seamlessly integrated from clock-in, approving hours, running payroll, to posting journal entries. 

Put time & attendance on autopilot

Interested in learning how we can save you hours on the busywork of tracking time, while giving you the visibility and control you need to proactively manage your workforce? 

Schedule a demo with our team today to see the product in action!

last edited: April 20, 2023