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Employee onboarding survey

Understand whether your onboarding process sets your new hires up for success.

How to create an employee onboarding survey

With this employee onboarding survey template, you can understand whether your onboarding process sets your new hires up for success.

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Onboarding is a crucial part of the employee lifecycle, and understanding whether you're providing employees with a positive new hire experience is key to retaining them as long-term contributors. Employees who feel supported by their manager and peers—and who relate to a company's culture—are much more likely to be successful in their role.

The problem is that it's difficult to collect feedback on your onboarding process—and to identify opportunities for improvement. New hires are the best source of this information, but without a dedicated way to collect feedback, their valuable insight is lost. Once that happens, issues go unreported and unaddressed.

With this survey Recipe, you'll be able to check in with every new hire at the exact cadence you want, and understand whether their onboarding period is going smoothly. As a result, you can both offer individual support to new employees, and collect valuable feedback that you can use to improve your company-wide onboarding processes.

Want to create different check-ins for every stage of onboarding? As with all our survey Recipes, you can customize this template to create the perfect survey for your needs.

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