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Exit survey

Understand a departing employee's honest thoughts on their experience at your company.

How to create an employee exit survey

With this employee exit survey template, you can understand a departing employee's honest thoughts on their experience at your company.

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It's a fact of professional life that employees leave, and they're never more honest than when they're headed out the door. HR teams can use these occasions as an opportunity to improve, so they can understand what their company did well, why an employee chose to leavre, and, ultimately, how they can improve.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult getting feedback, because of employee discomfort, lack of engagement, or simply the bandwidth of the HR team. Often, valuable insights go unrecorded.

With this survey Recipe, you'll be able to understand the exact reasons your employees voluntary leave your company, and collect any additional feedback they might have. As a result, you can identify important trends—like problematic managers or dissatisfaction with compensation—and make changes accordingly to improve employee experience and reduce attrition.

Want to tailor your exit survey to a specific role? As with all our survey Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs.

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