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Leave of absence survey

Understand the reasons behind an employee's leave of absence request.

How to create a leave of absence survey

With this leave of absence survey template, you can understand the reasons behind an employee's leave of absence request.

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When an employee requests a leave of absence for any reason—whether medical, personal, or professional—it's important for HR teams to understand both the cause behind the request and any legal obligations.

With this survey Recipe, you'll be able to quickly collect information from employees who request a leave of absence, communicate any necessary details to the manager and HR team, and ensure that no important information is neglected or lost in the shuffle. As a result, you can better support employees and their managers in the leadup to a leave of absence, and stay on top of any compliance concerns.

Want to edit the questions in your leave of absence survey? As with all our survey Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs.

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