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Pulse survey

Understand in-the-moment employee sentiment on a recurring basis.

How to create an employee pulse survey

With this employee pulse survey template, you can understand in-the-moment employee sentiment on a recurring basis.

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Regularly collecting feedback helps companies understand what employees are thinking and feeling at any given moment. As a result, companies can get ahead of any potential issues that might lead to employee disengagement, dissatisfaction, and attrition.

But HR teams struggle to identify those issues and turn that feedback into actionable information. In many cases, the admin work entailed by running pulse surveys prevents engagement initiatives from ever getting off the ground.

With this survey Recipe, you'll be able to quickly run pulse check-in surveys out of the box, so that you can better understand in-the-moment employee sentiment on a recurring basis —monthly, quarterly, or at which cadence you choose. As a result, you can identify trends and issues quickly, act on feedback as you gather it, and make changes that will positively impact employee experience.

Want to tailor the questions in your pulse survey to focus on the subjects you care about? As with all our survey Recipes, you can customize every template to your exact needs.

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